Wendy's to begin selling Honest Tea nationwide
Wendy's to begin selling Honest Tea nationwide

Fast-food chain spearheads organic product at locations across the U.S.

Wendy’s recently announced it is going to begin selling Honest Tea products, a division of Coca-Cola, at locations across the U.S. in an effort to appeal to changing food habits. This move is unique, as Wendy’s is one of the first fast-food chains to offer an organic product nationwide.

Now employees at the third largest U.S. hamburger chain will be brewing the tea on site, adding organic, fair trade sugar and selling the exclusive Honest Tropical Green Tea. Throughout the past few years, Wendy’s has been changing the menu to include more premium items such as fries with potato skin and promoting in-house chopped lettuce.

Sales of traditional soda have been stumbling. Diet Coke has plunged nearly 15 percent the past two years and Coke sales volumes from soda, including Sprite and Fanta, grew just 1 percent in the past two years. Currently Coke is looking to build growth from Honest Tea’s increasing popularity.

This new deal with Wendy’s will bring a new revenue stream and distribution for Honest Tea and the brand hopes to reach $500 million in sales in the next five years.

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