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What Company Is Telling Their Audience To Unfollow Its Instagram as Part of Their Advertising Campaign?

Who needs followers anyways?

While some Instagram influencers and companies are going as far as buying their followers, Miller Light doesn’t want them. According to USA Today, Miller Light is giving away free beer to its followers, under one condition––you have to unfollow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

In today’s world of social media, people will do anything for followers––seriously, anything. From balancing on skyscraper rooftops to leaning out of a moving train to doing a handstand off a cliff, Instagram users are getting pretty creative (and dare I say stupid), when it comes to snapping the perfect shot. Miller Light announced its new advertising campaign and it’s taking aim at millennials and their obsession with social media. 

The brewing company is persuading its following base, to click the “unfollow” button and in return, you’ll get a beer––no gimmicks, no twists. A MillerCoors study concluded “that half of drinks aged 21 to 27 years old meet with their close friends in face-to-face less than a few times a year,” the article in USA Today stated.

How do you become eligible for a free beer? All you have to do is text a screenshot showing you unfollowed Miller Light on Instagram and/or Facebook to 49375 and include the keyword “UNFOLLOW.” Then, Miller Light will send you a link where you have to upload a receipt from a Miller Light purchase and the beer brand will credit your PayPal account up to $8. 

Could this strategy catch on to other businesses? We’ll see. But for now, cheers to Miller Light for attempting to fix society’s unhealthy obsession with social media.

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