What Maryland’s Proposed Ban on Foam Containers Means For Restaurants
What Maryland’s Proposed Ban on Foam Containers Means For Restaurants

As consumers and lawmakers push restaurants to become greener, the state is the first to consider eliminating foam containers and cups from restaurants.

Move over, plastic straws. Styrofoam takeout containers are next on the public’s list of mass-produced items to eliminate in the name of being more green. According to a recent CNBC article, the state of Maryland is considering legislation that would ban polystyrene foam containers and cups, a move that would have a direct and immediate impact on restaurants across the state.

Such a ban would not only force restaurants to find eco-friendly alternatives for takeout that still work for their business, but also open the door for other states to consider similar legislation. While Maryland would be the first state to ban foam containers, cities like New York, Seattle, Washington and Minneapolis have already imposed their own bans, citing the difficulty and costliness of recycling these products.

The article notes that while consumer demand for greener restaurants continues to grow—48 percent of Americans said they would definitely or probably change their spending habits to reduce their environmental impact, according to a Neilsen survey cited in the piece—the restaurant industry has largely been slow to respond.

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