When Will We See a Franchise Trick Shot Video?
When Will We See a Franchise Trick Shot Video?

Trick shot videos are wholly unnecessary and addictively hypnotizing.

Unfamiliar with trick shot videos? Let the imitable Marah Eakin of the A.V. Club explain:

“Trick shot videos are, arguably, the finest the Internet has to offer. Blending insane skill, pointlessness, and the shooter’s ability to flagrantly waste time, they’re concise demonstrations of both muscle control and pure excess.”

The video above, starring insanely (and specifically) talented YouTuber Peter Bamforth, takes brand recognition and melds it with the type of skill college beer pong players would give their left eyes for.

But why let the cookie segment have all the fun?

Where’s the video of a Buffalo Wings & Rings employee making wing shots into vats of bleu cheese from across the restaurant? Or how about kicking it up a notch with the fine folks at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes launching delicious burgers through rings hanging from the ceiling like an old-timey carnival game?

We’re waiting, franchises.