Why I Bought a Smoothie King
Why I Bought a Smoothie King

Corey Masters had a passion for entrepreneurism since childhood.

Growing up in Grand Prairie, Texas, Corey Masters had business aspirations at the ripe old age of 10.
“A friend and I would cut neighbors yards for a whopping $10,” Masters said. “Our sales and marketing process included riding our bikes to houses with high grass and asking if they needed our service, and also passing out flyers in our neighborhood.”
Showing such initiative and dedication to the business world from early on, it is no surprise that Masters went on to get a business degree from Texas Christian University with a focus on marketing. While at TCU, he also played on the football team, showing a dedication to health and wellness.
After leaving TCU, Masters continued on the business track getting an MBA from Southern Methodist University with concentrations in entrepreneurship, strategic leadership and marketing.
Putting his business education to good use, Masters worked at Fidelity Investments for more than 14 years at locations across the U.S. including Texas, Boston and New York City. While at Fidelity, Masters met Malcolm Jackson, a friend who decided to leave the corporate financial lifestyle to open a Smoothie King.
Jackson’s successes and belief in the brand helped fuel Masters’ decision to take the leap into franchise ownership and to become his partner. Not only was Masters comfortable moving forward with purchasing a Smoothie King because Jackson was already in the system, but Masters also appreciated the Smoothie King offerings and that the company was a true champion of a healthy lifestyle.
As he works on opening his first location, he is also in talks with Jackson about plans to grow their store operations and be able to own many successful locations in different states.
“Our partnership is unique because we are working together, supporting each other in two different states,” Masters said.
With Jackson’s home base in Memphis and Masters in Texas, the two have plenty of room for growth and expansion as they scale their opportunity with Smoothie King.