Why I Chose Wireless Zone
Why I Chose Wireless Zone

The "Cellphone Queen of the Midwest" discusses her career at Wireless Zone.

Over the past few years, Molly Martin is quickly making a case to be crowned the cellphone queen of the Midwest. A millennial with big plans, she was named the 2014 Rookie of the Year by Wireless Zone, a premium cellphone retailer exclusively offering Verizon Wireless products and services. She’s been in wireless retailing since she was 15, answering phones as an intern. A year later she was a salesperson on the floor, by 20 she was the sales manager and at 22 the division manager. Then, she dove into business ownership.

Now in her mid-twenties, Molly is a mother, a determined businesswoman, a multi-unit franchisee and currently on her way to building a cellphone empire in Michigan where she owns her three locations.

I had the chance to talk to Molly about why she chose Wireless Zone and how she’s been able to be so successful as a young entrepreneur.

1851: Why did you choose an opportunity with Wireless Zone?

Molly Martin: I chose to take this opportunity with Wireless Zone and become a franchisee because I love this industry and I love the support that Wireless Zone gives me. They have a great team to make sure that we are taken care along the way.

1851: What is your favorite thing about this brand?

MM: With Wireless Zone being a big six agent for Verizon Wireless we are constantly in the "know" when it comes to having the greatest and latest devices available and the inside scoop on what's coming next for Verizon Wireless and Wireless Zone.

1851: What is your favorite part about being a franchisee with Wireless Zone?

MM: The thing that I love about being a franchisee with Wireless Zone is having a great support system to back me up and help me along the way. Even with Wireless Zone being the first franchise I've been involved in, I have had the constant support from every aspect of this business. Whether it is legal advice to training, Wireless Zone offers it all.

1851: What advice would you offer other people looking at Wireless Zone for their next opportunity?

MM: My advice to others looking at Wireless Zone for an opportunity would be to have confidence in the system and everything they have to offer. If you are willing to spend the amount of time and money in a franchise to be successful, then they are willing to do the same for you. Wireless Zone really strives to make each and every franchisee successful to the point that failure of a location is just not an option with all of the effort everyone gives.