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Why Junk Junk Baby! Stands Out Amongst Other Waste Hauling Brands

The junk removal franchise has many unique differentiators that make it an attractive opinion.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 10/24/22

Junk Junk Baby!, an emerging waste haul franchise, wants to stick out above the crowd of junk removal companies as a brand with a memorable name and story. Eric Myers, founder and CEO of the company, made sure to create a people-focused culture and a business that offers something different and unique to those who join it.

Myers started Junk Junk Baby! after leaving a long career in sales behind one day. He was determined to ditch corporate life for an entrepreneurial venture and devised a plan to help friends and family with small junk hauling and moving jobs. All it took was a truck and some effort, and he had himself a business. 

Because he was able to start the brand himself and grow it into a successful multi-territory model with consecutive years of double-digit revenue growth, Myers is confident he’s built a business model that franchisees can easily capitalize on. Junk Junk Baby! was designed to be an opportunity ideal for first-time entrepreneurs; all they need is motivation and strong customer service and relationship-building skills.

“It’s a simple, streamlined business that just about anyone can run,” Myers said. “You don’t need a bookkeeper or manager or even any specialized skills; you just need to share our passion for caring for people.”

These skills are especially important because while junk hauling is technically in the waste industry, Junk Junk Baby! is very much a people business. The brand prides itself on having compassion and care for its customers, knowing that its services are often needed by people in a tough spot.  

One of the hugely popular and unique services Junk Junk Baby offers is in the senior care vertical. A staff member of the franchise has been awarded the Age Safe® America Senior Home Safety Specialist® Certification. The program, which was created to combat the statistics of one in three seniors falling at home each year, offers courses to help professionals learn about fall prevention, fire safety, mobility and accessibility solutions, which translates perfectly to  helping aging residents pack and move items, declutter and ensure their spaces are clear of hazards.

“Our teams are out there every day working directly with clients to help them through what are often difficult transitions. That prioritization of relationships has increasingly made us popular, not just among consumers but also among prospective franchise owners who are looking for an opportunity to take control over their careers and do something meaningful,” said Myers. 

The franchise also offers an “exceptionally low-cost model,” Myers explained, with “benefits that go beyond cost savings.” With an expected initial investment of $84,775 to $131,500, no need to pay rent on a brick-and-mortar space and little overhead (the business can be operated without staff in the beginning stages), it’s a lucrative chance to be a business owner. 

And the business itself stands out with a number of other unique differentiators. Junk Junk Baby! offers its franchisees an exceptional work-life balance. Every day and job is different, and the company has easy, flexible schedules that require no nights, weekends or afternoons. The corporate staff is often off work by 2 P.M., which affords them more time to do what they love with who they love.

Another standout feature of the brand is that due to its emerging status, the first owners to invest will receive unmatched support from the franchisor. Incoming franchisees will get the chance to work one-on-one with the company's founders and can be confident they’re getting the support they need to succeed as the brand’s earliest owners. 

“We’re ready to work alongside determined individuals and walk them through exactly how to run a successful Junk Junk Baby!” said Myers. “It’s a business I am proud of, and that has allowed for some amazing opportunities in my life. I’m excited to share this model with others and watch it transform their lives as well.”

The startup costs for a Junk Junk Baby! franchise range from $84,775 to $131,500., which includes a franchise fee of $45,000 that must be paid to the franchisor. To learn more about franchising with Junk Junk Baby!, visit