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Why Nearly Half of Amazing Lash Studio® Franchisees Own Multiple Locations

The semi-permanent eyelash extension brand offers multi-unit operators an especially attractive opportunity.

By Emily ClouseStaff Writer
SPONSORED 3:15PM 09/03/19

When it comes to the Amazing Lash Studio® brand, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. That’s why nearly half of the brand’s franchisees are multi-unit owners within the system.

Today, the Amazing Lash Studio® brand boasts more than 230 locations nationwide and is experiencing a major growth push across several U.S. markets. The eyelash extension franchise has grown exponentially since its 2010 founding. Impressively, much of that growth is a result of the system’s passionate and dedicated multi-unit owners.

In fact, the Amazing Lash Studio brand’s growth is far outpacing competing concepts. The brand is the current leader in the eyelash extension segment by volume, with a whopping 150 more studios than the second-leading brand.

“We essentially popularized the eyelash extension segment of the beauty industry and we remain the brand that is setting the pace for where the specialized beauty service is headed,” said Amazing Lash Studio Chief Development Officer, Matt Stanton. “The majority of the brand’s franchisees own more than one unit and that validation speaks volumes about the prospects that Amazing Lash Studio offers to business owners within the system.”

Of course, the biggest benefit to owning multiple units is the increased revenue that comes with successful multi-business entrepreneurship.

“While there is some risk that comes with spreading attention across multiple studios, the Amazing Lash Studio team does everything it can to ensure that owners have all the tools and support they need to provide the highest-quality eyelash extension service in their territory,” said Stanton.

In 2018, 43 independently owned and operated Amazing Lash Studio locations were opened and the brand is on pace to open even more in 2019. This strong market presence is bolstered by the support of WellBiz Brands, Inc. which also manages franchise brands Fitness Together® and Elements Massage®. WellBiz Brands’ decades of experience and proven systems help encourage single-unit owners to become multi-unit owners—and set them up for success every step of the way.

“WellBiz Brands has developed the best demonstrated practices and relationships necessary to help franchisees across the system save on costs and drive their bottom line,” explained Stanton. “One major benefit to owning multiple Amazing Lash Studio locations is the ability to buy supplies in bulk. Multi-unit owners can end up saving money overall by making larger purchases.”

In addition to access to key resources, multi-unit owners of the Amazing Lash Studio brand also benefit from sharing knowledge and operations processes with other franchisees across the system. This leads to greater efficiencies and benefits everyone in the studios, from managers to lash stylists to franchisees themselves.

“When a multi-unit owner discovers a process or practice that works well in one studio, they can apply it to their other studios seamlessly,” said Stanton. “That, in turn, leads to more empowered teams and more freedom in the franchisee’s own day-to-day life to focus on fine-tuning and improving their studio operations.”

Although more than half of Amazing Lash Studio franchisees own multiple units, the brand does not require owners to do so—unlike many franchisors who require three-unit deals. Single-unit owners are an important segment of the Amazing Lash Studio system and always have the opportunity to expand if they would like to.

“Franchisees can see firsthand the profitability of owning more than one studio so they are always able to consider scalability, even as they focus on growing their first business,” said Stanton. “Ultimately, we are always interested in growing the Amazing Lash Studio brand with existing franchisees in addition to looking outside the system. Franchisees are what make this brand great—and we value them deeply.”

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*As per the March 13, 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document, as amended June 28, 2019

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