Why You Need to Act Like a Leader In Order to Become One
Why You Need to Act Like a Leader In Order to Become One

Restaurant HR Group CEO Carrie Luxem offers advice for those trying to carve out a career path as an industry leader.

If you want to become a leader, you must start acting like one (and I could care less about your title). ;)

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Carrie Luxem is a human resources professional with nearly 20 years of restaurant industry experience and the CEO of Restaurant HR Group, a Chicago-based company offering HR support, services, and guidance for restaurant owners and operators throughout the nation.

Carrie is a frequent keynote speaker on HR and leadership topics and regularly conducts employee training and leadership development workshops as well. She is the author of the recently published book, Restaurant Operator's HR Playbook: Your Hands-On Playbook for Finding, Hiring, and Developing Leaders and Implementing Organized People Systems and has been featured in EntrepreneurRestaurant NewsPizza Today and Independent Restaurateur.