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How Wild Birds Unlimited Helps Franchisees Build a Business to Be Proud Of

By being rooted in passion, Wild Birds Unlimited provides its franchisees with a business ownership opportunity that can make a difference in local communities.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 5:17PM 09/13/18

When it comes to choosing the franchise opportunity that’s right for you as an entrepreneur, there’s more to consider than profitability and operations. While those components are critical to the success of any business, there’s another factor that can also make or break a franchisee’s chance of succeeding—passion. For Wild Birds Unlimited, the leading franchise connecting people with nature, having a strong passion for building a business that can make a difference is what gives its local owners a competitive edge.

“Wild Birds Unlimited isn’t your average retail franchise. The core of our concept goes beyond a simple retail transaction—we aim to help our franchisees connect with their customers and communities in a meaningful way,” said Paul Pickett, Chief Development Officer of Wild Birds Unlimited. “Because our system is made up of local owners who share a passion for backyard bird feeding, we’ve found that they’re able to connect people with nature in a truly unique way.”

One franchisee who has been able to create a business to be proud of with the help of Wild Birds Unlimited is Kelli Frame. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Frame has been making the most of Wild Birds Unlimited’s business ownership opportunity for nearly three years. Frame says that success is due in part to the brand’s one of a kind business model, as well as the people who make up its Franchisee Support Center.

She said, “Feeding birds is the best hobby in the world, in my opinion, which makes it a great business to be in, too. In addition to doing something enjoyable for a living, the franchise itself is a great environment to be a part of. The people at the Franchise Support Center are amazing to work with—as soon as I got to know them, it was evident that they care about their franchisees’ success. They’ve also all been working there for a long time, and they’ve built the business together. I can’t imagine working with a group that’s more supportive and helpful than them.”

As a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee, Frame then extends that supportive environment outside of the brand by supporting her local community to boost awareness for her business and backyard bird feeding.

“In the almost three years that I’ve been in business, we’ve taken a lot of steps to become a part of the community here in Salt Lake City. We participate in bird walks, hold classes about identifying different types of birds and even go to community events to get out and meet people. We’ve also held events at our local library to reach even more members of our community,” Frame said.

Frame is one of 300-plus franchisees who are working day in and day out to improve the Wild Birds Unlimited brand. By following the brand’s proven system, engaging the local community and staying committed to her passion for the business, Frame has been able to turn her passion for bird watching and feeding into a successful enterprise that offers room to grow.

“Every single day, I get to share the joy of backyard bird feeding. It’s just the best thing—it’s absolutely my favorite part about being a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee,” said Frame. “I genuinely love coming into work every day. It’s so peaceful, and it’s an environment in which people want to learn more about nature and the animals around them. Helping to spread awareness about birds and backyard bird feeding may seem small, but it can make a big difference. Even when we’re surrounded by negativity or living in uncertain times, this business can become a refuge for people and make a positive change in your community.”

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