Crain's Dallas: Wireless Zone Grows in DFW
Crain's Dallas: Wireless Zone Grows in DFW

North Texas franchisee continues to expand wireless retail brand.

Wireless Zone franchisee, James Altiery opened his first location back in September 2015. Now, less than two years later, Altiery has plans to open his fifth location in June and is already scouting real estate for two more locations in Frisco. He says that placing a heavy emphasis on exceptional, consistent customer service helps his locations stand out from competitors.  

“We want to make people feel like it was worth their time coming in,” Altiery told Crain's Dallas. “That’s our major key to success--giving people more than they were expecting.”

Altiery also says that maintaining an excellent reputation among locals is important to connecting with the community and growing business. 

“We’re getting ourselves out there and meeting them first hand,” Altiery told Crain's Dallas. “A lot of our client base is really a lot of referrals."

Brick-and-mortar cellphone retailers have faced greater competition as online sales soar and more consumers embrace the idea of buying directly from cell phone manufacturers. To stand out in this competitive industry, Wireless Zone leverages its ability to provide excellent, reliable in-person customer service time after time. 

“The only differentiator is creating a great experience for the customer,” Sean Fitzgerald, chief development strategist at 1851 Magazine told Crain's Dallas. “That’s where a brand like Wireless Zone can really step in and be a good position in the marketplace. It’s locally owned and operated. They’re in the community. They can really focus on creating a great experience.”

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