How Wireless Zone®’s Marketing Team Helps Drive Franchisee Success
How Wireless Zone®’s Marketing Team Helps Drive Franchisee Success

From new product promotions to charitable donations, the marketing team at Wireless Zone® help the brand stay in front of the customer and ahead of the competition.

In an industry as saturated as the wireless industry, staying competitive requires more than just a storefront that offers the latest gizmos and gadgets. It requires unparalleled customer service, an experienced team and a creative approach to both operations and marketing.

For Wireless Zone®, the corporate marketing team has played a pivotal role in helping the system’s nearly 380 franchisees gain a competitive edge through public engagement. Each member of the team has a clear specialty, from creating and managing the brand’s social media and assisting stores with their social media, to designing digital advertising for promotions and assisting stores with creating locally-focused assets.

All of our marketing team’s activities are focused on driving traffic to our stores,” said Margaret Cooley, Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager at Wireless Zone®. “Each tool we have – each social post, email, online advertisement, search result and review – is part of building the overall consumer confidence that they’ve chosen the right store to be their wireless solution resource. Our franchise ownership continues to grow and we continue to look for new and innovative ways to communicate while honing the tools we have now.” 

With this growing system, the marketing team pays special attention to the newest franchisees, setting them up for success by helping them get their local marketing efforts off the ground.

“Our biggest benefit to Wireless Zone® franchisees is that marketing is a resource as well as a department,” Cooley said. “Any owner who is new to the franchise gets training, part of which includes an overview of what marketing does for and on behalf of our franchisees as part of their franchise agreement.”  She added that the department is particularly proactive with new stores. “We set up their extensive online presence prior to store opening, so that new stores immediately show up in online searches to get traffic in the door as soon as it’s open.”

Marketing does a significant amount of behind-the-scenes activities that keep the brand in front of its customers. The team keeps customers engaged through a mix of promotions and fun tidbits on all stores’ Instagram and Facebook pages, and writes in-depth articles for LinkedIn. The department emails and texts customers with offers on the store’s behalf or creates on-demand campaigns for special occasions. All this occurs in addition to advertising promotions and supporting new product introductions.

“We’re a resource for ideas, suggestions and support for additional activities owners feel would be beneficial,” according to Cooley. She also noted that the department often provides owners with ideas and materials for local promotions, and shares successful activities as suggestions to others wanting to do more locally.

And while these traditional marketing efforts are getting customers through the door, it’s Wireless Zone®’s clear dedication to the community that is impacting customer loyalty. Wireless Zone® supports a variety of charities throughout the year through the Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving®.  Founded in 2003, the foundation encourages Wireless Zone®’s franchisees to give back to those in need through both national and local fundraisers.

“It is a sad reality, but there are people in each and every community who need help,” Cooley said. “Each year, Wireless Zone®’s Foundation for Giving asks our owners to nominate a local charity, so that each store has the opportunity to help their local community. So far in 2018, over 130 charities across the country have benefited from the Foundation’s donations, and the list keeps growing every year.”

Because giving back is such an important part of the Wireless Zone® culture, the brand also encourages its franchisees to get involved through a series of community events at their store. Examples of this include a system-wide backpack giveaway in July, military promotions throughout the year, and the holiday Toys for Tots campaign.

It's Wireless Zone®’s commitment to both the communities it serves and its franchisees that that continues to drive the brand’s success as it celebrates its 30th year. With the strength and support of the marketing team, Wireless Zone® will remain a competitive force for decades to come.