Why a Growing Verizon Retailer Converted Dozens of Stores into Wireless Zone Locations
Why a Growing Verizon Retailer Converted Dozens of Stores into Wireless Zone Locations

Conway Communications joined the cell-phone franchise in March, rebranding all of its existing stores.

Seven years ago, Mitch Conway opened a Verizon retail store in Indianapolis. That store quickly found success, and within the year, Conway was able to open a second location. That’s when Conway decided to bring on his business partner, Alex Yeater. By the time Conway and Yeater opened their third store, they had their sights set on massive expansion, which they would come to achieve over the next seven years.

This year, Conway Communications acquired their 24th store. After hitting that landmark, Conway and Yeater knew they weren’t done growing, but they felt they’d need some support to break through to the next level. So Conway Communications made the decision to join the Wireless Zone franchise, converting all of their existing stores to the franchise’s branding and operations model.

“The support at Wireless Zone is really what impressed us,” Yeater said. “They have fantastic field support and a corporate office that is focused exclusively on the success of its franchisees. Any little thing we need help with, we have someone who can find an answer for us.”

Yeater says the Wireless Zone branding has also been a distinct benefit as Conway Communications continues to grow.

“Wireless Zone is one of the Big-Six retailers for Verizon, so we have a lot of credibility with this branding,” he said.

That credibility isn’t only useful for attracting consumers. Yeater says it’s also helped his stores find the best employees.

“People who know about the business know about Wireless Zone, and they respect the brand,” he said. “That helps us find and attract the best people. They want to work with Wireless Zone.”

Attracting the best talent is no small feat for Conway Communications. Yeater attributes much of the company’s growth to its ability to attract and retain great employees.

“Our people are the biggest reason for our growth,” he said. “We always say, ‘first we grow, and then we grow,’ which means we grow our people first and let their growth drive the growth of the business.”

Conway Communications now operates 32 Verizon retailers, all of them Wireless Zones, and Yeater says they are still not done growing.

“We’ve got a few remodels we’re working on for the second half of the year, but we are always focused on growth,” he said. “We’ll likely take on some acquisitions next year.”

As Conway Communications continues to develop its existing markets and expand into new ones, Yeater says the company is excited to operate in close partnership with Wireless Zone.

“Wireless Zone has been a fantastic partner for us,” he said. The people there and the support they’ve provided have made operating our stores and growing our footprint much easier. The transition has been great, and we’re thrilled with our opportunities for growth.”