WORKOUT ANYTIME Works to Limit PTSD Among Vets
WORKOUT ANYTIME Works to Limit PTSD Among Vets

The workout franchise and Lift For The 22 provide services and support to aid ex military.

When returning from overseas, many veterans have a hard time transitioning back to civilian life. Often times, they may feel isolated in their experiences, and because some lack the skills succeed in a non-military setting, they find themselves struggling with depression and anxiety.

In fact, statistics show that an average of 22 veterans take their own life every day. To help raise awareness of this epidemic, WORKOUT ANYTIME decided to partner with Lift For The 22, an organization dedicated to provide support for veterans through outreach innitiatives.

Lift For The 22 aims to lower the number of veteran suicides by connecting with them through fitness facilities. Their hope is to provide a space where they can come together and recieve emotional support, work on their personal development, and exercise with a group who can provide them with a similar sense of community and brotherhood that they experienced in the military to help ease post traumatic stress disorder.

"The program is designed to fight the suicide epidemic, said Carter Davis, creator of Lift For The 22. "Twenty-two veterans are currently commutting suicide a day, and that number needs to go down. So what we did was we developed a program where they get a hometown network of veterans in their local gyms, where they can go ask uestions, get emotional support, professional support..."

Recently, WORKOUT ANYTIME launched a partnership with the organization in the Chicago area that will soon expand nationwide. The brand is Lift For The 22's official corporate sponsor, and they will be giving away 22 gym memberships at all of their 80-100 clubs over the next few months.

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