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From Cardiologist to Gym Owner: How Sanjeev Saxena Turned His Passion For Health Into a Thriving Business

How a local doctor is helping his communities get even healthier by becoming a WORKOUT ANYTIME franchisee.

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 03/31/17

Sanjeev Saxena knows a thing or two about keeping the heart healthy. As an interventional cardiologist in Fort Payne, Alabama, Saxena has always worked to help his patients live healthier lifestyles. Now, Saxena is continuing to offer members of his community the chance to improve their physical fitness as he opens his second WORKOUT ANYTIME location in the state of Alabama.

With his first facility already open and flourishing in Jacksonville, Alabama, Saxena is preparing to open in Boaz this spring, with plans for upwards of 20 locations throughout the state.

“Since my main career is in cardiology, I have always been a really health-conscious person,” said Saxena. “I think there is an opportunity and a real demand for an option like WORKOUT ANYTIME throughout Alabama.”

While Saxena is thrilled to be with the brand and starting on his aggressive expansion plans, he was actively searching for WORKOUT ANYTIME—in fact, he discovered the company by happenstance.

“It was actually the contractor that was working on my house at the time,” he said. “He mentioned to me that he had been working on building WORKOUT ANYTIME fitness centers, and it seemed like it might be a great fit.”

WORKOUT ANYTIME ended up being an especially great opportunity for Saxena, as the concept and proven franchise system has allowed him the flexibility to run his businesses and expand as a semi-absentee owner. Because as a practicing cardiologist, one thing Saxena does not have in abundance is free time.

WORKOUT ANYTIME makes it easy for semi-absentee owners to be part of its rapidly growing system. Because the brand doesn’t require an excess inventory or employees, it’s easy for franchisees to rely on managers and trainers to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business while they can’t physically be there.

“Between private practice and my work at Dekalb Regional Medical Central, my work keeps me pretty active,” said Saxena. “And on top of that, I am on the state Board of Directors for Make-a-Wish and I am involved with various animal shelters in the community. WORKOUT ANYTIME has afforded me the chance to balance launching a new venture alongside my other work.”

With five Alabama locations already up and running, Saxena is one of many franchisees helping to fuel the brand’s aggressive development plans in the state. They join an ever-growing system of more than 100-plus-units and counting throughout the country.

“We have five great locations in Alabama already, with a club having opened up in Florence in mid-March,” said Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME ‘s senior vice president of development. “Because of our focus on small and medium size markets, we believe Alabama could have more than 80 clubs in the next five years. We are immediately targeting territories on the coast, and smaller markets around Birmingham and Montgomery as well.”

Trotter also sees Saxena’s day job as a positive, acknowledging that WORKOUT ANYTIME’s franchise system is largely made up of professionals looking to get into a second business for themselves.

“At least half of our owners are professionals like Sanjeev, and as a physician he definitely sees the value in a healthy lifestyle and working out. Other professionals we have who own franchises include bankers, lawyers, airline pilots, and physical therapists,” Trotter said. “These owners are looking to diversify and add an additional income stream to their personal cash flow.”

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