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From Gym Member to Crew Member: This Workout Anytime Employee Changed His Life and His Career After Losing 175 Pounds

Silas Clark counts Workout Anytime’s community-oriented structure and supportive staff as integral to his life-changing weight loss journey and passion for fitness—now he’s working as an employee himself to inspire others.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 04/13/20

At only 22 years old, Workout Anytime crew member Silas Clark has already achieved some major accomplishments in his life. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Clark had spent much of his early years trying and failing to lose weight. In early 2018 when he was 20 years old, he started researching nutrition and exercise more seriously. “I started dieting, and once I started losing a little bit of weight, I decided I needed to start going to a gym,” said Clark. “I had pretty flexible requirements—I was just looking for somewhere that was low- or no-contract.”

The very first gym that Clark walked into was Workout Anytime in Huntsville. “I was going to shop around, but as I was touring Workout Anytime I noticed how Jeannie, the assistant manager at the time, was walking me around the gym and greeting everyone by name,” said Clark. “That really made an impact on me, and the culture was so welcoming and fantastic. I decided right then and there that I was going to sign up.”

After more than two years of seriously hard work, Clark eventually dropped 175 lbs. “I didn’t use any personal trainers at first. I started by myself for a while and did that for about eight months or so until I recruited two of my friends to start working out with me,” said Clark. “They signed up and we started going together every day at five in the morning.”

The friendly, welcoming culture of Workout Anytime pushed Clark to start exercising regularly, and he also attributes much of his success to the camaraderie and support he felt from his friends. “They really pushed me over the hump of weight loss,” said Clark. “It took me a really long time to notice any weight loss on myself, but one of the staff members at Workout Anytime was actually the first to point it out to me. It was really encouraging.” 

While Clark was exhilarated by the results of his fitness journey, he found himself in somewhat of a rut in his job. “I saw that Workout Anytime was hiring, and I reached out to Max Cantu, the gym manager. He had been very supportive of me throughout my journey and ended up offering me a few shifts a week,” said Clark. “It’s not a full-time gig at all, but it's something I get to do that I really enjoy.”

Clark spends his time at Workout Anytime cleaning, signing members up and checking in on other gym goers, often inspiring them with his own story of transformation. “My favorite part overall is the culture and how it really feels like its own community,” said Clark. “It’s not a very big gym, so you see the same people who go at the same times. I’ve gone consistently, and you start to get to know people. I even got one of the guys I work out with a job at my other company. It’s very easy to meet people and make friends.”

As far as his future in fitness goes, Clark is hoping to get his personal training and nutritionist certifications so that he can help members on an even bigger level. “I’m a very business-oriented person,” said Clark. “I’ve definitely looked into one day becoming a franchisee.”

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