Simple Business Model and Scalable System Enables WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchisees to Successfully Pursue Multi-Unit Ownership
Simple Business Model and Scalable System Enables WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchisees to Successfully Pursue Multi-Unit Ownership

More than 63 percent of the rapidly growing brand’s franchisees are owners of multiple clubs.

When it comes to the fitness segment of the franchising industry, demand is at an all-time high. Because health and fitness are top of mind for consumers across the country, there are more people looking to join gyms that boast state of the art equipment and affordable membership prices than ever before. That’s why WORKOUT ANYTIME is breaking into new communities at unrivaled rates.

Backed by its value-priced membership model that gives members 24/7 access to all WORKOUT ANYTIME gyms for just $15 per month, the brand is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the increasingly popular fitness trend. And business owners are taking note—WORKOUT ANYTIME’s franchise system is expanding in key development markets throughout the U.S.

While the brand’s system is designed to position all of its local owners for success, the majority of those development initiatives are being fueled by multi-unit owners. In fact, more than 63 percent of WORKOUT ANYTIME’s franchisees own multiple clubs. And according to Randy Trotter, senior vice president of development for WORKOUT ANYTIME, that multi-unit success isn’t an accident.

“Our simple business model is set up to make multi-unit ownership opportunities an accessible reality for franchisees—we ultimately want to help our owners realize their full potential as entrepreneurs. By building a brand that’s easy to scale, we’re opening the door to strong growth potential across our entire system,” said Trotter. “We also go above and beyond to ensure that our owners have the tools and resources that they need to succeed as multi-unit owners. Every member of the WORKOUT ANYTIME team takes a hands-on approach to our expansion efforts, ensuring that our franchisees are able to lean on us for support whenever they need a helping hand.”

One franchisee who has taken advantage of that strong support system in order to become a successful multi-unit owner is Paul Jackson. The Georgia-based pilot and entrepreneur first came across WORKOUT ANYTIME as a member—he joined his local club because of its affordable rates and ability to customize a fitness program that works for him. Recognizing the potential to tap into more consumers in his area that were looking for the same type of fitness solution, Jackson jumped at the chance to take ownership of his local WORKOUT ANYTIME club when it went up for sale.

“I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of the WORKOUT ANYTIME brand. It’s clear that they have something special—not only is their brand momentum incredibly strong, they’re also creating a system that’s built for long-term growth,” said Jackson. “Since purchasing my first club back in 2010, WORKOUT ANYTIME has exceeded every one of my expectations. The brand is always looking for ways to improve and evolve, and their corporate team has been with me every step of the way as I’ve grown from a single to multi-unit operator.”

Since taking over his first club, Jackson has signed on to open 10 WORKOUT ANYTIME gyms. And with four locations already operating across Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in addition to another two units that are expected to open up their doors for business by the end of the year, it’s clear that the brand’s model is catching on in a variety of communities.

According to Jackson, growing alongside the WORKOUT ANYTIME brand is very easily done, even for first time franchisees. In addition to the brand’s support system, the brand also boasts an affordable initial investment. Franchisees can open up their own location for as little as $150,000 down, with WORKOUT ANYTIME providing third party financing and real estate assistance. The brand is also built to support semi-absentee ownership, meaning that on-site managers can run the day to day operations of individual clubs while multi-unit owners work on growing the business.

“WORKOUT ANYTIME’s model really lends itself to rapid growth. As a franchisee, the first unit that you open up is always going to be the hardest. But once you have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the brand, every new opening is easier than the last,” said Jackson. “We’re growing like crazy, and I have no doubt that other franchisees will experience the same type of success down the line. WORKOUT ANYTIME offers entrepreneurs a one of a kind opportunity to become successful business owners behind multiple units. And as the fitness industry continues to become more popular, I’m confident that the brand will be there to help us make the most of that potential.”