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Workout Anytime Appoints Terri Harof New Director of Franchise Development

Terri Harof is using her experience in fitness and franchising to take the helm of franchise development at the poised-for-expansion 24-hour gym concept.

By Allison Stone1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 10/29/19

Terri Harof, Workout Anytime’s new Director of Franchise Development, is joining the fast-growing fitness brand following many years in both sports marketing and franchising. Harof even worked with the brand’s co-founder, John Quattrocchi, while running her own advertising agency. Harof feels her career has come full circle as an avid health and fitness enthusiast who has been teaching group fitness  since her college days to her new position as the Director of Franchise Development. “I love the franchising space and I love the health club space,” said Harof. “When John approached me about the position, it felt like a great opportunity considering my passion for the industry and our professional history.”

Harof intends to use her experience to bolster the franchise expansion of the rapidly growing brand. Her hiring comes in tandem with Workout Anytime’s fortified franchising efforts and a new, limited-time offer for new franchisees. In celebration of its 20-year anniversary, Workout Anytime has reduced its franchise fee to $20,000 through the end of the year.

The brand has seen impressive franchise sales growth over the past five years and is increasing club membership numbers thanks to its all-access offering within a $31 billion fitness industry. Seventy-three percent of Workout Anytime franchisees are multi-unit owners, something that greatly appealed to Harof when she decided to join the team. 

“We have 170-plus locations in 21 states, but there are so many amazing prospects for us across the country and internationally,” said Harof. “My goal is to get out there and target areas across the country that are underserved and that fit the demographic to continue our growth.”

Randy Trotter, Senior Vice President of Development, could not be more thrilled to see Harof join the Workout Anytime executive team. “Terri’s background in both fitness and marketing makes her a perfect fit for the Workout Anytime brand,” said Trotter. “It has been a thrill to watch her grow in the industry after working with John, too.”

“We’re going strong in the southeastern U.S., but I want people outside of that region to know that we’re absolutely interested in opening outside those markets if it makes sense for the brand,” Harof continued. Workout Anytime is currently looking for franchisees in target markets including Florida, southern Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. 

Workout Anytime is committed to equipping its franchisees with extensive training and support to create the best experience possible for the clientele. Harof feels that a huge benefit to franchising with Workout Anytime is that franchisees don’t have to give up their careers to run a successful business. “We have a wide variety of franchisees who are still involved in their original business and they’ve been able to diversify by opening Workout Anytime,” said Harof. 

Harof feels that the supportive executive team behind Workout Anytime is what takes the franchising experience above and beyond that of competitors. “Our franchisees are awesome; they’re passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. They love what they do and it’s so apparent thanks to the amazing corporate team behind it all,” Harof said. “The energy here is great. Our franchisees feel it and love it.“

“I’m so happy to be here,” said Harof. “This is an industry I love and the people I’m working with are incredible.”