WORKOUT ANYTIME Targets Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Wide Open Territory for Growth
WORKOUT ANYTIME Targets Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Wide Open Territory for Growth

Randy Trotter, the senior vice president of development, believes WORKOUT ANYTIME thrives in mid-sized markets like Milwaukee.

As WORKOUT ANYTIME continues to expand throughout the country, the brand is looking to bring their proven fitness and business model to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   

Judging by the brand’s recent track record, becoming a region’s top gym is a goal that’s well within reach. Since its founding in 1999, WORKOUT ANYTIME has grown six-fold, and in March of last year, the brand celebrated an important milestone of reaching 100 units nationwide. Most recently, the growth was bolstered by being a location in the Jennifer Aniston film “Mother’s Day,” but, of course, having an unbeatable fitness and business model doesn’t hurt, either. Now, backed by a solid track record, WORKOUT ANYTIME is hoping to take Milwaukee by storm.

To date, brands like Anytime Fitness are currently sold out in the Milwaukee area. That’s good news for WORKOUT ANYTIME, which has zero locations in the bustling mid-sized city.

“Our growth potential in Milwaukee is nearly limitless at this point. Meanwhile, other competitors like Anytime Fitness have already piqued in the area. For those franchisees who have long been interested in breaking into the fitness industry, they really had no options in Milwaukee because it was already saturated with a handful of brands,” said Randy Trotter, the senior vice president of development. “By introducing WORKOUT ANYTIME into the mix, we’re adding a new opportunity for these entrepreneurs—and we think that’s something people will be excited about.”

Trotter added that WORKOUT ANYTIME generally thrives in Milwaukee-size markets. While many big-box gyms need busy, congested areas to thrive, WORKOUT ANYTIME does well in neighborhood locations that are easily accessible and centrally located in the surrounding community.

“The No. 1 think people look for besides price and no contracts is convenience,” Trotter said. “We have the value-priced model that lets members work out at any of the other locations. We have a facility that’s not only open 24/7, but also yield the results that people want out of their gym. But, most importantly, we know what to look for in a location. Having a go-to gym that’s easy to access and close is what matters most to a lot of residents, and Milwaukee is filled with the perfect real estate to bring that kind of convenience straight to them.”

Milwaukee’s proximity to Chicago also makes it a desirable market for franchisees who are looking to own locations in multiple markets. Area developer Mike Mufarreh has leveraged Chicago’s booming fitness industry by opening four WORKOUT ANYTIME clubs in the Windy City. The brand’s simple business model allowed him to open his gyms in just three years—all while working a full-time job. And as a direct result of Chicago’s demand for affordable, quality gyms, three of Mufarreh’s gyms are in the brand’s top 15 performing locations.

Now, as Mufarreh gears up to open two additional Chicago locations, he’s also considering the potential opportunity of expanding into Milwaukee.

“I honestly can’t open these gyms fast enough,” Mufarreh said. “The Chicago and Milwaukee markets are completely underserved, so there’s plenty of opportunities for me in the Midwest. With Milwaukee being so close, it’s an important market to consider.”

As WORKOUT ANYTIME continues to expand, Trotter believes that all these reasons—location, convenience, price points and results—makes the brand an incredible option for both members and franchisees. And in the years to come, as WORKOUT ANYTIME enters into new markets like Milwaukee and beyond, Trotter believes that the model will continue to prove itself time and time again.

“Right now, there’s this wide swath of the country that’s just waiting for WORKOUT ANYTIME to break ground. Franchisees want to grow with our brand and customers are proud to say that we’re their gym,” Trotter said. “Breaking into new markets like Milwaukee is just the beginning for WORKOUT ANYTIME.”