WORKOUT ANYTIME: Where Are They Now?
WORKOUT ANYTIME: Where Are They Now?

The 24/7 fitness concept has sped up development by partnering with growth-minded and locally-tied franchisees.

Last year when WORKOUT ANYTIME was named to our 25 Brands to Watch List, the 24/7 fitness brand was navigating a growing franchise segment with its 82 clubs, largely concentrated in the Southeast. Since then the brand has achieved many milestones, including opening its 100th unit, launching a nationwide non-profit partnership and entering new key growth markets.

Now boasting more than 100 clubs stretching across the country from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine, WORKOUT ANYTIME has continued to thrive, entering key development markets like Milwaukee and Minnesota. The brand has clubs under development in St. Louis and Kansas City and sees huge potential for growth in Florida, the Carolinas, Texas and Arizona.

WORKOUT ANYTIME is celebrating fifteen years in business, but has seen the bulk of their growth in the last four years. The brand continues to accelerate that growth by targeting multi-unit franchisees, invested in both their communities and in the brand.

“We look for people who want to get involved in the local community and run the market. We look for someone who is willing to become a partner and represent our brand and themselves in the community,” said WORKOUT ANYTIME COO Mark de Gorter. “We look at small markets, where labor, real estate and marketing costs are lower. WORKOUT ANYTIME’s model really fits there. Outlying communities are where we focus.”

The strategy has paid off. WORKOUT ANYTIME has increased its growth by 85 percent in 2016. More than 60 percent of its clubs are operated by multi-unit franchisees, and with the fitness industry expected to continue its staggering growth, this brand shows no signs of slowing down.

With the growth of the industry comes dreaded competition, but WORKOUT ANYTIME has set itself apart from the competition by attracting growth-minded multi-unit franchisees and offering the most cutting-edge equipment while maintaining their mission of being the best value per square foot fitness facility for members. The brand also has a dedicated group of local owners who are invested in seeing both the brand and its clients succeed.

“Most of our clubs are locally owned and operated. Members can have a deeper connection with their gym,” said de Gorter. “We learn clients’ needs and help them with a program that works for them so that people feel good about coming there. Our segment is characterized by a no-commitment model. If they aren’t happy, they can go somewhere else. Our cancellation rates have been well below the average for our industry. Our owners get really involved with members.”

In addition to community ties a low price, no-commitment membership model, and round-the-clock accessibility for customers, WORKOUT ANYTIME offers a variety of state of the art equipment, including MATRIX, a distributor of high quality exercise equipment used by top brands across the country, and continues to introduce new amenities and features to engage and grow its customer base, like launching a small group training program this month. The brand has capitalized on the popularity of HIIT training by offering training programs featuring the method as well.

As WORKOUT ANYTIME barrels towards 2017 and its goal of having 175 clubs by the end of the year, the brand continues to evolve and progress into a major player in the fitness franchise segment.

With growth accelerating each year, WORKOUT ANYTIME resolutely remains a brand to watch.