You Are What You Eat: Identifying Healthy Options With Naked Chicken
You Are What You Eat: Identifying Healthy Options With Naked Chicken

Nation’s Restaurant News investigates how Americans relate to their food and how restaurants stay ahead of the trends.

Food isn’t just sustenance any more.
While always a source of comfort, a social activity, and a part of culture – as the Millennial generation continues to evolve, so does the way in which consumers are engaging with their restaurant choices and meal selections. In a special report, Nation’s Restaurant News took a look at how Americans are relating to their food and what those in the restaurant industry, including the establishments in the franchise realm, are staying ahead of trends and enhancing the experience they offer.
The “you are what you eat” adage is more true than ever, as customers are using food as a form of self-expression. In fact, according to marketing agency Mintel, more than 29 million Americans have posted pictures of food or drink from a restaurant on social media.
Additionally, diners are more adventurous than ever. A recent National Restaurant Association survey showed that 20% of participants “really enjoy trying new dishes that [they have] never had before.” Allergies, and social pressure, have also helped mold the modern consumer’s decisions.
In the case of Naked Chicken, the brand recognized the trend toward healthier options and a feeling of eating healthier, which they used in their rebranding.
"The general public today looks toward cleaner eating and healthful options," Gary Occhiogrosso, President and Chief Development Officer at TRUFOODS which owns the brand told NRN’s Bret Thorn, adding, "Most people just call it Naked Chicken now."
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