Young Franchisees To Know: David and Erika Villa
Young Franchisees To Know: David and Erika Villa

David and Erika Villa have found success with The Cleaning Authority in Texas.

Photo courtesy of The Cleaning Authority
David and Erika Villa, both children of migrant farm workers, learned at a young age the value of hard work.
“I used to beg my mom to let me go to work on the farms,” David said. “She never wanted me to, but one day when I was about 16 years old she let me and I lasted about an hour and a half. I definitely learned what hard work is.”
Now, the couple has decided to move from Fresno, California, to pursue the dream of owning their own business in Tyler, Texas. The move is somewhat of a homecoming for the 31-year-old Erika—she was born in Tyler, but moved when she was an infant.
David, 32, has spent most of his adult life working for Brinks. There, he worked his way up from driver to supervisor before becoming the manager of the Fresno market. For 13 years, he learned how to handle a number of different responsibilities. He said it was always a dream of his to be a business owner, and the experience he earned working his way up the Brinks’ ladder helped prepare him for The Cleaning Authority.
A 2008 graduate of Fresno State University with a B.S. in Criminology, Erika worked with the Fresno County Office of Education where she assisted special needs students. Together, David and Erika intend to stay engaged in community outreach efforts by assisting with the Boys and Girls Club and the Special Olympics, and by offering support to local children who need help.
"I always knew in my heart that my husband wanted to follow his dream and own his own business. It was time, so I kept encouraging him. I'm my husband’s back bone. I will always encourage him and push him to the limit to keep going forward. I believe in him and I know he will do a wonderful job."
David chatted with us about how he got started with The Cleaning Authority. 
1851 Franchise: How did you find out about The Cleaning Authority?
David Villa: We started looking into the financial aspect of being a business owner, and we ended up going through a company called Guided Financial. They set us up with a ‘coach’ who asked us questions about the types of businesses that may work for us. Cleaning Authority stood out.

1851: Do you have any development or expansion plans in the works?

DV: Currently, we have no plans for expansion. Right now we just want to make this happen. Then, maybe down the road, we’ll look into other opportunities. We love the town, the community and its morals. We want to make this work before looking ahead.

1851: Have you done any outreach with some groups in the community?
DV: We love to give back and connect with our community. Erika has worked with many organizations in Fresno, including the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Special Olympics. We hope to help out with similar organizations in Tyler.