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High Performance JumpBunch Franchisee Couple Sees Exponential Growth with the Addition of Soccer Stars

After over a decade of successful JumpBunch operations, these franchisees expanded their offerings within the Phoenix area to include Soccer Stars. With exponential growth, they are now looking to expand even further.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 07/22/22

Scott and Jennifer Karlin, two Arizona JumpBunch franchisees, have recently added Soccer Stars to their business, increasing revenue and widening the range of activities they can provide to their community. JumpBunch, the kids sports and activity franchise, has been in business for over two decades and recently joined the Youth Athletes United team, which includes Soccer Stars, Amazing Athletes and TGA Premier Sports.

“I think any time a company is acquired, the employees and franchisees have reservations. I loved our previous owners,” Scott explained. “I’ve been impressed with YAU and the great leadership team, and they have a number of different program offerings, including Soccer Stars. We had the opportunity to start that here in the Phoenix market, which no one had been doing.”

Last summer, the Karlins jumped at the opportunity to add Soccer Stars to their existing JumpBunch curriculum. With 17-plus activities through JumpBunch and a dedicated soccer team, the business offers even more to the children of the community.

“There are themes for each week’s activity, which is super helpful for young children especially,” Scott said. “My theme for three and four year olds this week is superheroes, and the kids love it. We are building skills, but we are doing it all around the theme which helps keep kids engaged.”

The Karlins have owned their business for over 14 years now, but before they took the leap to entrepreneurship, Scott worked as an IT consultant. After a large project was canceled, he chose to take a bit of a breather — his first since college. However, after a few months, Jennifer suggested they get back into it, and Scott discovered JumpBunch.

“I didn’t want to get back into consulting because it just wasn’t my passion. I was interested in business ownership but never found something I was really interested in,” Scott said. “I had just coached my son’s tee-ball team and had been working with three, four and five year olds, which I loved. Every once in a while I would be up late online searching through franchise and business opportunities, and I discovered JumpBunch. It combined working with kids and providing instruction, which I love, so it felt like a good fit.”

When the business was first established, Scott says he was running everything entirely on his own. However, it grew quite quickly, and Jennifer began helping out. With its growth, she took on more and more, and she now handles most, if not all, of the back office operations like billing, scheduling and customer inquiries. Scott balances his time between teaching classes and working to develop the business.

Though their Soccer Stars program has only been operating for about nine months, Scott says it has done very well. There are many schools that offer both brands, and there is still a lot of room for growth.

“Some schools do PE a couple days per week and afterschool programs two or three days per week. It’s all at one school, so we’re really able to maximize our business in each individual school,” Scott explained.

“We’ve been here over 14 years, so we already have the relationships established,” Jennifer added. “Clients trust us and there is a level of comfort. Plus, it’s easier for them because we are a one-stop-shop for these programs.”

The duo agreed that there is plenty of opportunity to take on additional brands in the future. Franchisees support each other, and the franchisor has provided incredible support, whether it is new curriculum, marketing materials or a one-off question.

“We do have a larger territory, so we are not lacking for opportunity,” Scott explained. “It’s more a question of how we would take that next leap forward operationally. I had a meeting with YAU leadership to discuss how we can take it to the next level; that’s also a perfect example of the support available.”

“We are thrilled to work with franchisees like the Karlins. Scott and Jennifer have served their community for over 14 years and have seen great success doing so,” said Joey St. John, Director of Operations for JumpBunch. “We’re excited to see how they grow in coming years as they continue to expand their reach and impact.”

Scott and Jennifer added that owning their business has been incredibly rewarding. After identifying and fulfilling a need in their community, they constantly receive feedback from school directors, parents and students remarking on what a positive experience JumpBunch and Soccer Stars provides.

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