‘Dark’ Kitchens Shine Light on Potential Restaurant Industry Transformation
‘Dark’ Kitchens Shine Light on Potential Restaurant Industry Transformation

Consumers’ call for mobile app-specific options mean the introduction of delivery-only kitchens.

The rise of kitchens that only exist within a mobile delivery app has already begun, according to an article in Modern Restaurant Management. They’re called “dark kitchens” and they “exist only to fulfill delivery orders and are generally off-limits to the public. Delivery riders coming and going are the only signs that a busy kitchen staff is turning out meals,” the article states.

Dark kitchens appeal to restaurant owners' desire to minimize costs by removing the need for a full staff and dining area while simultaneously appealing to the modern consumer’s desire for exclusivity: many “dark kitchen” offerings can only be accessed via the app in which they live.

What can restaurateurs expect “dark kitchens” to mean for the future?

“The jury is out on whether dark kitchens are going to be anything more than a niche concept and most restaurants won’t pursue a transformation that dramatic,” the article says. “But driven by rapidly evolving consumer expectations, many outlets, especially casual dining places, will start to look and feel different.”

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