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10 Low-Cost Franchise Brands To Watch

Franchise entrepreneurs seeking low-investment opportunities with high potential upsides should keep their eyes on these up-and-coming brands.

Opening a franchise is an opportunity for many to fulfill the dream of owning their own business, but unless they have the capital to do, the process can be tricky. These 10 emerging franchises have a low initial cost of entry, making them the ones to watch for prospective franchisees.


  • Initial franchise fee: $5,000
  • Units: 40+

Frios Gourmet Pops is perhaps the most pandemic-friendly franchise investment to consider. The traveling gourmet popsicle concept offers the opportunity to stake a territory in an area with a population of at least 100,000 for a $1,500 fee and operate as a familiar frozen-treat vendor. Franchisees can also serve at weddings and birthday parties. With an investment cost this low, Frios presents a sweet business venture.

Chefs For Seniors

  • Initial franchise fee: $7,000
  • Units: 47+

Founded by father-and-son team Barrett and Nathan Allman, Chefs For Seniors brings assistance in the kitchen to members of the elderly community who can no longer cook for themselves. With a low basic franchise fee of only $7,000 (and overall investment of $10,475) and a passion for food and nutrition, this brand offers a unique opportunity to build a business that gives back to the community.

Pool Scouts*

  • Initial franchise fee: $20,000
  • Units: 24+

Pool Scouts provides their clients with regular cleaning services to keep their pools sparkling clean — so they don’t have to. The brand offers a few options when it comes to their services, including season-opening and closing maintenance and ongoing cleanings throughout the season. With people spending more of their time at home these days — and more time in the pool — becoming a franchisee with Pool Scouts is a low-cost investment with substantial long-term benefits.


  • Initial franchise fee: $20,000
  • Units: 17+

Like learning to type, learning to code has become a fundamental skill for success. CodeFu gives kids the opportunity to learn the skills they need on-screen while also teaching them the skills they need for social and emotional development. The brand is able to keep their franchise fee and overall investment low by eliminating the need for a retail space and bringing their supplemental education programs to public, private and charter schools. Partnering with CodeFu gives franchisees the chance to provide children from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds an important learning experience while also building their own success.


  • Initial franchise fee: $28,000
  • Units: 19+

DivaDance is a unique adult dance class experience whose mission is to empower women through music and dance. The brand offers both regular weekly classes for attendees to let their hair down and have fun, or a bachelorette party experience with easy-to-learn choreography. Due to COVID-19, in-person classes are unfortunately cancelled, but that shouldn’t deter those interested in franchise opportunities. DivaDance is still hosting online classes and looking to expand their sexy, sweaty and stress-free franchise model across the country.


  • Initial franchise fee: $29,950
  • Units: 41

Named one of the top new franchises by Entrepreneur in 2019 and 2020, theCoderSchool brings another coding franchise opportunity to the table. Silicon Valley’s largest after-school coding program is premium-branded, project-based and fun-focused — all in the name of joining the movement to teach kids how to code. With a low start-up cost, theCoderSchool invites franchisees to join the movement and help prepare kids for their professional futures.  

Shine Shack

  • Initial franchise fee: $32,000
  • Units: 45+

Shine Shack is making strides in the world of home detailing franchises. The brand offers a one-stop shop for window washing, power washing and gutter cleaning. With just one van, franchisees have the opportunity to build their business from the ground up and lend their services to a a brand that’s striving to become a household name. With low cost to entry, it’s easy to scale the business by adding additional vans and crew members. 

Clean Juice

  • Initial franchise fee: $42,500
  • Units: 80+

It’s all in the name. Clean Juice’s fast-casual restaurant concept caters to customers on the go who are looking for cleaner, healthier options when they’re in pursuit of a quick meal. Designed for those who find themselves too busy to stop and eat lunch, Clean Juice has the solution — drinking it. With 80 established locations and over 50 more in development, Clean Juice is the franchise to look to when considering an healthy investment at a low initial cost.

Honor Yoga

  • Initial franchise fee: $49,108
  • Units: 21

Honor Yoga aims to bring accessible yoga to areas across the U.S. to build healthier and happier communities. The studio concept offers a variety of classes from classic flows to ariel and HIIT hybrids. Honor Yoga’s initial franchise fee is on the higher end of these low-cost investments, but with over $16 billion spent by yoga practitioners on clothing, equipment, classes and accessories in the last year, those who are interested in franchising should recognize the opportunity for great income potential when it comes to yoga.


  • Initial franchise fee: $49,900
  • Units: 50+

Realtors take note: Staging a home is an essential part of selling a home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 81% of homebuyers said it’s easier to visualize a property as their future home if it’s staged. Showhomes was a pioneer in the home staging and continues to be a leader in this fast-growing industry. For budding franchisees with an interest in real estate and interior design, home staging is an excellent entry opportunity into the industry.

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