2016 April Fool's Jokes Roundup
2016 April Fool's Jokes Roundup

Are you easily fooled? 1851 Franchise is here for you.

Today is April 1—the worst day of the entire year for anyone trying to cover, or read, any type of breaking news on the Internet.

But fear not, gullible readers—1851 Franchise has compiled a list of 2016 April Fools’ Day pranks, hoaxes and jokes so you don’t fall for any of them.
The Tandem Stationary Bike at Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness Tweeted that they would be rolling out a new Tandem Stationary Bike throughout their locations. If you didn't hate working out before, you surely will now.

Google Maps Now Has the Directions to Funky Town
Google wants to take you to Funky Town. When you launch Google Maps in your smartphone, click the “Explore Around You” button. You’ll probably notice a button that says “Funky Town.” You’re welcome.
Wayback Burger’s New Milkshake Flavor
Wayback Burger introduced The Cheeeesy Gold Milshake to its menu. We’ll give you one guess as to what the main ingredient is. That’s right—golden, glorious Cheese Whiz.
"There's nothing on the planet that can't be enhanced by cheese," said John Eucalitto, president of Wayback Burgers. "As such, we wanted to create a unique milkshake that would melt the hearts of cheese lovers everywhere, and I'm happy to say that we have. The Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake is made with premium vanilla bean ice cream and America's favorite liquid gold Cheese Whiz. We're confident cheese lovers — like us will love it!"
OpenTable Taste
OpenTable announced its newest app update: 4D Lickable Technology that allows diners to taste dishes in the app.
“Today, OpenTable is thrilled to announce the release of OpenTable Taste, a groundbreaking new way for diners to experience the food photos they love. You can now sample the restaurant’s food directly from their phones—all you have to do is lick. Our engineers have developed an advanced algorithm to map out tongue taste buds, then engage with them to recreate the flavor profiles in your brain. This technology send signals to your brain, meaning for the first time in history, you can taste food photos through your phone,” OpenTable’s website states.


McDonald’s introduced a monthly subscription service that delivers fast food right to your doorstep. This way, you can get a McRib delivered straight to your home while you’re sitting around in your pajamas listening to Hanson’s “MmmBop.” An ideal situation for a lot of us.