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4 Innovative Franchise Models Breaking the Mold

From eco-friendly tiny homes to tech-driven retail stores, these are some of the pioneering brands rewriting the playbook on how to scale and succeed.

It’s no secret that franchising is a landscape rife with innovation that challenges the status quo. From franchisees coming up with revolutionary product ideas to franchisors finding ways to dominate a fragmented market, the franchise model, while built around replication, actually lends itself to creativity. 

Here are four of the top franchise brands currently breaking the mold across various industries in 2024. 

Anchored Tiny Homes

Unit Count: 18
Initial Investment: $136,250 - $262,000
Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

Anchored Tiny Homes is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) building franchise that is on a mission to solve the housing crisis by adding housing inventory to existing lots. Because of the challenging housing market, many families find themselves trying to choose between some sort of multi-generational living model or the purchase of a nearly-million-dollar home — something that simply isn’t attainable for a large portion of Americans. 

As a franchise, Anchored Tiny Homes offers a business model that further differentiates itself from other tiny home builders. By focusing on ADUs and offering custom, stick-built homes, Anchored Tiny Homes is able to cater more specifically to homeowners looking to make an addition to the property that is still in line with the aesthetic of the primary residence and customizable to the needs of the prospective residents.

“With real estate market conditions continuing to change, it’s prime time for entrepreneurs to break into the industry with an investment opportunity that allows them to make meaningful changes for themselves and their neighbors,” Colton Paulhus, co-founder and CEO, told 1851 Franchise.


Unit Count: 862
Initial Investment: $240,000 - $531,000
Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

The renowned gifting franchise known for its memorable fruit arrangements recently announced the roll out of a NextGen store concept. The idea was born out of the trials and adaptations necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, a period during which Edible, alongside countless others, was compelled to evolve. The prototype was developed to merge a digital-first strategy with a contemporary retail environment that promotes human engagement: a forward-looking sanctuary for gifts, catering, and self-indulgence.

Having a substantial portion of its business flow through e-commerce, Edible has excelled in harmonizing its online presence with its physical stores. For instance, Edible's distribution network spans the vast majority of U.S. ZIP codes, providing expansive market possibilities for its franchisees.

"Edible has always been at the forefront of the gifting business,” Edible’s Chief Development Officer, Mark Mele told 1851 Franchise. “We’ve followed trends and watched technology drive consumers and the way they want to interact with brands. That experience has allowed us to design this new prototype in a way that combines our comprehensive e-commerce strategy with the type of  brick-and-mortar experience customers of today are looking for.”


Unit Count: 63
Initial Investment:  $182,072 - $430,322
Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

Poolwerx is a quickly growing pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise. With decades of experience and the ability to service both residential and commercial clients, the franchise has captured the attention of many investors and is set to open over 70 new locations this year. Poolwerx offers Franchise Partners a “hub and spoke” model combining service and retail. This comprehensive array of services and products, from maintenance to e-commerce retail sales, offers Franchise Partners a multitude of avenues (and revenue streams) within the pool industry.

“The pool service sector is limited in representation, with a notable divide in service quality,” Andrew Kidd, the CEO of Poolwerx North America, told 1851 Franchise. “Our model allows us to cover all gaps for the homeowner.”

Elite Window Cleaning

Unit Count: 8
Initial Investment: $102,057.00 - $120,332.00
Franchise Costs, Fees, Profit and Data

Elite Window Cleaning, part of Happinest Brands, is a window cleaning franchise at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology, offering a sophisticated twist on a traditional sector. Utilizing advanced water-fed carbon poles, Elite Window Cleaning teams can bypass the need for cumbersome ladders and heavy buckets, ensuring a safer and more streamlined process for both workers and patrons. This innovative approach has garnered significant attention from potential owners eager to establish their dominion in a market forecasted to surge in 2024.

“Coast to coast in Canada, there is really no national provider of this service,” founder and CEO Chris Stoness told 1851 Franchise. “Having the support and growth mechanisms that come with an Elite Window Cleaning franchise is truly almost an unfair advantage. The timing is right because I expect that, in five years, there won't be a lot of territory left.” 

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