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5 Beauty and Wellness Franchise Opportunities to Explore in 2022

The beauty and personal care industry is expected to pull in over $700 billion by 2025.

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
Updated 9:09AM 11/04/22

Between game-changing health and wellness treatments and exciting new makeup launches, there’s no shortage of beauty and personal care retailers. This is a phenomenal lifestyle industry full of rewards for entrepreneurs passionate about beauty. The U.S. beauty and personal care industry pulled in over $550 billion in 2021. The beauty market's largest sector is personal care, raking in a whopping $250 million a year. The industry is expecting to hit a market size of over $700 billion by 2025

For entrepreneurs looking to take the next step into the beauty industry, 1851 Franchise selected our favorite beauty brand franchises to show you some of the best opportunities in the space.

Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio is setting industry standards one glamorous lash at a time. Founded in 2010, Amazing Lash Studio has been branded the go-to eyelash extension source in the U.S. With its proprietary product line, constant innovation, strong membership model and the ability to accept walk-ins, the Amazing Lash Studio system provides franchisees opportunities for sustainable profitability and multiple revenue streams. Plus, the brand’s spa-like private rooms are completely unmatched in the segment and are a primary driver of guest acquisition and retention.


Founded in 2010, Drybar separates itself from competitors by offering affordable, luxury blowouts. Providing happiness, confidence and empowerment to customers is at the center of its model. With over 140-plus locations across the U.S., Drybar has exploded into a nationally recognized and highly sought-after brand. 

The company has built a foundation of success while sticking to its core values. In addition to the strong brand and customer experience established by Drybar, franchisees benefit from the infrastructure of being part of WellBiz Brands, Inc.  

Elements Massage

  • Units: 249
  • Price: $313,000–$561,000

Elements Massage studios know their therapists’ strengths, and they know that you deserve a therapist who will meet your expectations. Elements Massage is designed to deliver a personalized experience in every aspect of your massage needs. 

With more than 250 locations across the country, the Elements Massage brand has distinguished itself as a dominant player in the massage industry and is continuing to grow in markets across the U.S. If you are looking for business catered around relaxation, rejuvenation, therapeutic relief and personalized therapy, we recommend this beauty and personal care brand for you. 

Nikita Hair

Nikita Hair hails from a positive, empowering culture, which recently celebrated the launch of its first American franchise. The brand is gearing up to take a cut out of this country’s $62 billion hair and beauty market. This hair beauty company offers affordable luxury and a full-service approach that includes styling, coloring, Keratin treatments, extensions, waxing and brow sculpting. 

With its positive culture and numerous opportunities for growth, Nikita Hair is one of our favorites within the beauty industry.

IMAGE Studios

IMAGE Studios creates an intoxicating formula for creativity, freedom and success. The hair beauty brand saw potential to disrupt the traditional salon industry and change the way established salon professionals owned and operated their businesses. 

The salon’s business model provides a flexible, needs-based platform for health and beauty professionals to open their own salon easily, without the typical investment required to open their own business. They also provide ongoing training and education through their IMAGE Pro Business training program. First-time entrepreneurs and experienced business owners alike can benefit from this incredible opportunity.