5 Franchise Brands Winning at Video and Franchising
5 Franchise Brands Winning at Video and Franchising

These franchise brands are stealing the scene with their video marketing tactics.

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words and a captivating Facebook status is worth a couple hundred likes, but how about a video? Several franchises have begun utilizing videos for everything from franchise program rundowns to branding initiatives. Adding videos to a social media arsenal allows brands to expand their multimedia footprint while releasing rich content. Take a looks at some of the franchise brands that are already ahead of the curve.

Anytime Fitness

The globally ranked fitness franchise has hit its stride with video uploads. The brand created a comprehensive recap of the Anytime Fitness Conference in 2012 and has only become more adventurous since. Anytime Fitness’s latest video, a hilarious musical parody, has viewers laughing loud and working out hard. 

Buffalo Wings & Rings

There are plenty of reasons to join the Buffalo Wings & Rings team as a franchisee, and the wing slingers boil them all down to an engaging three-minute video. Chockfull of clever animation and helpful infographics, Buffalo Wings & Rings' franchise video makes a great case for its business model while flaunting social media prowess. 




Toppers Pizza 

Toppers Pizza's franchise video gives viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day routine of the Wisconsin-based pizza peddlers. CEO Scott Gittrich gives viewers a tour of Toppers from the cubicle to the kitchen, embodying that inimitable Toppers whimsy all along the way. Whether you're a  prospective franchisee or a pizza enthusiast, the video is brimming with entertaining tidbits and engaging content.



Alair Homes
Not only does a dazzling video serve as the foundation of Alair Homes' dynamic website, it also glimpses into the vast realm of services that the homebuilder provides. Alair's homepage video takes the viewer from the blueprints to the housewarming in less than four minutes. Delve into the brand's YouTube channel for homeowner tips, customer testimonials and more. 



Smoothie King
As if first-class branding and phenomenal products are convincing enough, Smoothie King has created a series of franchise testimonial videos spotlighting some of its top dogs. The smoothie slingers also regularly post to its YouTube page, which features video updates from its race team, tantalizing ingredient breakdowns of new smoothies and more.