5 Low-Cost Franchises That Nail Social Media
5 Low-Cost Franchises That Nail Social Media

These brands don't cost a lot to buy into and they know how to sell themselves online.

There are plenty of franchises to be had for not a lot of dough. Some of them are small companies with very specialized services and others are big brands that almost everyone knows. A lot of these low-cost franchises are great at selling themselves on social media. Here are five that are onboard with doing it right online:

Frogbox: The company has the brilliant and delightfully green idea of reusing plastic boxes for moving. Frogbox delivers sturdy yet lightweight plastic containers to your old home and collects them at your new place when they’re unpacked. Frogbox also spreads the word about its important mission on social media. Twitter followers share their photos of their great Frogbox experiences and the company touts its charitable efforts. On Facebook, Frogbox shares links to interesting stories, including a shoutout to weird, vintage IKEA products.
JAN-PRO: The cleaning company lets its franchisees sell the company very well online. Their testimonials lay out a compelling case for going into business for oneself. The low-cost startup fees also are notable, making it clear that almost anyone can buy in and have their own business. Jan-Pro also has a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, talking up its various outlets around the world and its cleaning services.
Sport Clips: Dudes need haircuts and they don’t always want to be in a feminine-style salon. Sport Clips gets that. The brand does a great job on social media, offering back-to-school Mac giveaways on Twitter, promoting heavily discounted haircuts for military servicemen on Facebook and posting a quiz about historic rock god hairstyles.
H&R Block: Everyone knows H&R Block, and part of the reason for that is because it does a great job of selling itself. Its Twitter account has lots of useful information about tax season, how to avoid being audited, tips for keeping everyday costs down, how to understand your bank statement and even ways to celebrate Book Lover’s Day. You also can tweet tax questions to @hrblockanswers.
Your Pie: The hand-crafted, brick-oven pizza place features mouth-watering photos of its beer and pizza on various social media sites and makes it look like an appealing place to hang out. On the recent National Eat a Peach Day, for instance, Your Pie suggested on Facebook that pizza fans celebrate with peach slices on their pizza. Crazy? Maybe, but they made ya look. Twitter followers declared the prosciutto and peach pizza delicious.