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5 Reasons to Join a Threshold Brands Franchise in 2022

The multi-brand home-services franchisor is poised to dominate its booming segment.

By Ben Warren1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 5:17PM 07/25/22

For many professionals of all stripes, 2022 has proven to be a year to pursue new opportunities. The Great Resignation continues to see workers across several industries leaving their corporate jobs in pursuit of new career paths, and many of them are turning to franchising as a way to take back control of their personal and professional lives. 2022 is also shaping up to be a pivotal growth year for Threshold Brands, a multi-brand home-services franchisor that is proving to be one of the best bets in franchising for both new and experienced franchisees.

Here are five reasons why prospective franchisees should consider investing in a Threshold Brands franchise in 2022.

The Home Services Industry Is Booming

The home services industry has thrived during the pandemic. Valued at $506 billion, the home services industry is expected to see 53% growth by 2024.

Threshold Brands is the parent franchisor to a range of rapidly growing franchises claiming an outsized share of that growing market, including MaidProSir GroutMen In KiltsUSA InsulationPestmaster Services and FlyFoe among others.

“We have established and fortified a dominant position in the home services space, and that is paying off now more than ever thanks to a surge of demand,” said Hagan Kappler, Threshold Brands’ CEO. “The pandemic was just part of a dramatic and ongoing cultural shift that is finding more people spending more time at home, and as a direct result, they are reinvesting in their homes and reprioritizing the health, safety and comfort of all of their home spaces.”

Emerging and Established: The Best of Both Worlds

One of the biggest benefits of franchising with Threshold Brands is the franchisor’s mix of emerging and established brands, which allows franchisees to take advantage of the wealth of white space available to younger brands while tapping into the knowledge, best practices and resources of the more established brands.

“Typically, when a prospective franchise owner looks at their options, they fall broadly into two buckets: established franchisors, who boast proven systems, strong brand awareness and an established support system; and emerging franchisors, who boast all the opportunities that come with joining a brand at the ground floor, including prime territories and growth opportunities. Rarely does a franchise offer both, but that’s exactly what Threshold offers,” said R. Scott Sutton, Threshold Brands’ chief growth officer.

Expert Leadership

By joining a franchisor with so many successful brands under its umbrella, franchisees with Threshold Brands benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert team of collaborating franchise leaders, including new CEO Hagan Kappler.

In her role as CEO, Kappler is leveraging years of experience in home services, growth and innovation, strategy, and M&A to support the development of each of Threshold’s franchise brands.

“One of the most exciting things that Threshold has to offer our franchisees is our incredible leadership team, Kappler said. “One of the critical benefits of having a stable of brands that are aligned, as ours are, in their mission and services, is that each brand benefits from the leadership and support of each other brand. So whereas most franchise brands have a handful of executive leaders working to support their teams and create opportunities, we have those leaders at every single brand as well as at the franchisor level, all working together to ensure our franchise owners succeed.”

Multi-Brand Ownership Opportunities

By encouraging collaboration between brands — including the sharing of resources, best practices and, most crucially, referrals — Threshold Brands makes it easy for franchisees to explore new ownership opportunities that complement their existing franchises. By growing with multiple brands, Threshold Brands franchisees can expand their portfolios without the need to expand their territories, instead growing laterally with high-demand brands across the Threshold family.

“A franchise owner with a single-brand franchisor has a few options when they want to expand,” Sutton said. “They can open up an additional unit in their market, if the franchisor allows it, which could potentially just split the existing business between two locations; they can open up in a new market, which can be an enormous strain on operations and a major challenge for owners; or they can start the process all over again with a new brand. Each of those options comes with distinct downsides. The beauty of the Threshold model is that our franchise owners can expand quickly and easily without cannibalizing their own business by simply opening up a complementary brand in their existing market.”

Low Cost of Entry

Any first-time franchisee is likely to experience some sticker shock when researching available opportunities, but Threshold Brands has deliberately kept its startup costs as low as possible to attract the most qualified candidates regardless of their liquidity. Initial investments with Threshold Brands range from $81,600 to $185,800 with Pestmaster up to $271,000 to $399,500 with USA Insulation. All other brands fall somewhere in between.

But offering a low initial investments isn’t just a way to attract talented entrepreneurs; it also encourages rapid growth, allowing franchisees to reinvest their savings into the business and become multi-unit owners faster than they would with other brands.

“We are adamant about working with the best, most passionate entrepreneurs in our industry,” said Kappler. “The last thing we want is for a talented operator whose values and skillset align with our model to pass on this opportunity simply because the startup costs were prohibitive. Moreover, one of our foremost priorities is accommodating growth, and the best way to encourage franchisee growth is to make sure they have the financial wherewithal to do so. By keeping our startup costs as low as possible, we are allowing our franchise owners to reinvest in their business and grow faster than they would with another brand.”