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A Family Affair: Why JAN-PRO Franchise Development™ Ownership Lasts Into the Next Generation

With owners that started 20+ years ago now selling to new generations, the country’s premier commercial cleaning franchise continually creates long-lasting opportunities with a proven business model.

JAN-PRO Franchise Development™, the franchise system that manages regional professional offices and provides certification, ongoing coaching, and business administrative support to independently owned JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees, is centered around the concept of Building Business Owners. As part of this strategy, JAN-PRO Franchise Development continues to appeal to second-generation owners — those who are looking to continue a family legacy and further the impact on the communities they support. Many of the top-performing Regional Developers are either second-generation or have plans to transition the business to their children when the time comes to exit the business.

“It is humbling to see how many of our regional development franchisees are ready and eager to continue the business that may have started 20 or more years ago. The JAN-PRO Franchise Development business has allowed a business legacy to be built, in addition to providing continued commitment and support to the communities they serve,” says Gary Bauer, President of JAN-PRO Systems International. “In taking on the family business, these second-generation owners are helping to certify, coach, and support independent unit franchisees to help ensure that local businesses provide safe and clean spaces for employees and customers throughout the year. It is undeniably a testament to our brand, and we are eager to see the number of JAN-PRO Franchise Development second-generation owners continue to grow.”

JAN-PRO Regional Developers act as regional franchise owners that sell JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting licenses to entrepreneurs in their protected territories. They run executive offices that focus on recruiting new independent unit franchise owners and provide certification and business support to existing unit franchise owners.

Across the JAN-PRO Franchise Development offices, 12 second-generation owners are passing their businesses on to their children. 

  • Paul and Carolyn Hawthorne of JAN-PRO of Richmond are passing down their business to their son-in-law, Jason Thibodeau.
  • Moe Hassan of JAN-PRO of Raleigh is passing down his business to his son, Sean Hassan.
  • Jay Waldron is priming his son, Connor Waldron, to acquire JAN-PRO of NE Georgia-Aiken.
  • Dave Hughes has retired, passing on JAN-PRO of Little Rock to his son and daughter-in-law, Nolen and Jennifer Hughes.
  • Jim and Anne Palkovic, owners of JAN-PRO of Nashville, are preparing their son Dan Palkovic to take ownership in the future.
  • Tom and Carolyn Richter are co-owners of JAN-PRO of Utah. Their son, Ryan Richter, became a partial owner at the end of 2021.
  • Dave Schweitzer, co-owner of JAN-PRO Portland, acquired partial ownership of the business from his step-father, Jerry Erstgaard.
  • Brad Rush acquired JAN-PRO Atlanta from his parents, Ron and Jennie Rush, going on to additionally acquire JAN-PRO Oklahoma City, JAN-PRO of Phoenix, and JAN-PRO of Central Alabama with his business partner, Tony Craig.
  • Anthony Gentile, of JAN-PRO Huntsville, has taken over his father, Dominic Gentile’s, role as principal owner. Dominic remains a silent partner.
  • Ed Pierami and Trudi Pierami have elevated their son Jason to the VP of Business Development.
  • Bob and Mary Lou, owners of JAN-PRO of Colorado Springs, have appointed their sons Robb and Eric to leadership positions within the company with the expectation that they will eventually take on the business.
  • Scott Hockensmith IV acquired JAN-PRO of Denver from his parents, Scott Hockensmith III and Candy Hockensmith.

Bauer says there are several reasons why JAN-PRO Franchise Development serves as an effective vehicle for multi-generational business ownership. For one, the brand’s proven, low-cost business model is recession-resistant and benefits from multiple recurring revenue streams that are sustainable and scalable. Additionally, Regional Developers can tap into a robust suite of tools to build and support their entrepreneurial dreams across generations. 

Lastly, local communities are more willing to trust and support family businesses, especially following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which means JAN-PRO Regional Developers have a reliable way to build trust within the local communities they serve. 

“The JAN-PRO Regional Developer business model is really a hidden gem within the franchise industry because there’s no other opportunity that offers as much potential upside,” says Joseph Sloyan, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Our startup costs are relatively low compared to other franchise opportunities, we have multiple, recurring revenue streams and our business is both recession-resistant and pandemic resistant.”

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*No JAN-PRO Franchise Development™ or JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting™ franchise will be sold to any resident of a jurisdiction requiring registration of the franchise before it is sold, until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by that jurisdiction and any required Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law.