AdAge: No More ‘Dark Posts’: Facebook to Reveal All Ads
AdAge: No More ‘Dark Posts’: Facebook to Reveal All Ads

Brands’ Facebook ads and spend by will soon be public.

After reported election interference on social media last year, Facebook has decided to bring all of its ads to light. According to a recent AdAge article, Facebook announced a new system that will disclose what brands and companies pay for ads on the platform as well as the ability for anyone to view those ads.

“Dark posts” have been used by advertisers on Facebook to promote ads to specific groups without being shown on the company’s page itself. Now, a “view ads” icon will be available on every page showing all of the messages the page is promoting. These transparency initiatives were created in response to the targeted paid ads from misleading pages during the last election.

This change to Facebook advertising will create a huge impact for marketers. Until now, brands had no idea what competitors’ Facebook media strategies looked like, unlike on TV. Getting intel on rival brands will become that much easier as ads will be a part of a searchable database for four years.

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