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Adweek: SnapChat Advertisers Can Now Target the App’s Users Based on Offline Sales Data

Honda and Kia are a few of the first brands to try SnapChat’s new ad-targeting.

SnapChat is testing how offline data can affect ad campaigns on the app. According to a recent Adweek article, SnapChat has signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud to give marketers the intelligence to target consumers.

Oracle’s data from offline purchases will be used to target SnapChat users with ads based on what they have already purchased. The social platform continues to try to prove that its advertising is creating revenue and hopes the partnership will help support that claim.

Similar to TV advertisers who use interest and reach to buy ads, Oracle Data Cloud will help SnapChat serve ads to users they will be more interested in. Categories like consumer packaged goods, retail and auto could see great benefits from the new advertising data since these industries often rely on offline purchase data.

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