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Adweek: Yelling ‘Dilly Dilly’ Is Banned at the Masters, and Bud Light is Royally Offended
Adweek: Yelling ‘Dilly Dilly’ Is Banned at the Masters, and Bud Light is Royally Offended
Bud Light is proving that brands can extend the life of their marketing campaigns by jumping on opportunities tied to current events.

Budweiser is keeping the momentum behind its “Dilly Dilly” campaign going, according to Adweek. Despite putting out a Super Bowl ad that failed to perform as one of the night’s leading marketing spots, Budweiser is now getting back in the game with a message directed at the Masters, proving that brands can always extend the reach of their marketing messages.

After it was reported that saying “Dilly Dilly” would be banned at the PGA’s 2018 Masters Tournament, Bud Light responded by fighting back. The brand tweeted out a proclamation, reading, “Your king hath received word that the guards of the Green Jacket plan to escort any patron who dare utter Dilly Dilly off yon premises. Except for myself, I am against tyranny in all forms. So I have instructed my royal tailors to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts that shall be delivered to Georgia in time for the festivities. For if thou cannot say Dilly Dilly, thou can still wear Dilly Dilly.”

This next life for Bud Light’s successful “Dilly Dilly” campaign shows that it’s worthwhile to jump on marketing opportunities when your name is thrust into a national conversation. This message—which for Bud Light, currently exists on social media—can then be made more powerful by leveraging the “Dilly Dilly” branding on its website and other creative assets.

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