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Anchored Tiny Homes: How 6 Failed Businesses Paved the Way for a $100 Million Company

In this episode of The Paulhus Podcast, Colton Paulhus discusses how his failed NFL career ultimately led to his success as the CEO of a $100 million national franchise.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 04/24/24

In a recent episode of The Paulhus PodcastColton Paulhus shared his tumultuous and personal journey to becoming CEO of Anchored Tiny Homes and building a $100 million dollar national franchise.

Paulhus' earliest ambitions weren't of business ownership, but rather of going pro in the NFL. However, his experiences at Colorado State University, while negative at the time, ultimately helped guide him toward success in his entrepreneurial ventures. In his frank account, he emphasized the significance of consistent effort and dedication in achieving success, drawing parallels between his experiences in sports and entrepreneurship.

“I think I really did have potential to be an NFL football player and to play sports at the highest level; I just didn't do the little things right,” Paulus said. “When people were partying, I should have been studying film. When people were drinking, I should have been working out. When people were sleeping in on the weekends, I should have been training. I think all of those little things that I didn't do in college football … I'm now doing in my entrepreneur journey and I think those things have really helped me and served me in becoming a successful entrepreneur.” 

After college, Paulhus discovered his talent for sales, but his struggles with alcohol and partying persisted, culminating in a DUI arrest that served as a wake-up call, he said. This pivotal moment prompted him to reevaluate his choices and commit to a sober lifestyle. It was at this point that he redirected his energy towards entrepreneurship, recognizing the need for discipline and dedication in building a successful business. 

The path to success wasn't a smooth one. However, the lessons he learned from a number of failed businesses eventually culminated in his success as an entrepreneur and led to him building a $100 million national franchise with Anchored Tiny Homes.

“It's the day-by-day consistent activities that lead to weekly wins, monthly wins, yearly wins and then eventually winning decades,” he said. “And that's the goal here. The goal is to win decades, to build a legacy company.”

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