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Anchored Tiny Homes Launches Opportunities in Southern California To Address Growing Housing Inaccessibility

The tiny home franchise has 65 available territories in Southern California and is looking to partner with driven franchisees to further expand its presence in its home state.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 4:16PM 06/28/24

Rapidly growing accessory dwelling unit (ADU) franchise Anchored Tiny Homes is launching franchise offerings in Southern California. Following impressive growth in northern markets in the state and other key markets nationwide, the team is opening opportunities to further develop Anchored Tiny Homes’ presence in its home state.

“We’re excited to begin growing in Southern California,” said CEO Colton Paulhus. “California is home to some of the earliest movers in the ADU space, so we know the market is friendly to what we do. Combined with the incredible need we’re seeing in the state, this is going to be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build really meaningful businesses while making tangible change for their communities.”

The California market is certainly welcoming to the Anchored Tiny Homes model. According to the brand’s 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document, the corporate office, which serves an area equivalent to 47 territories, captured over $95 million in gross sales in 2023.

With 65 territories available throughout Southern California, Paulhus said the team is especially interested in development in Los Angeles County. In 2023, over 30,000 ADUs were submitted for permitting, and over half of that count came from Los Angeles County.

“People have known about ADUs in Southern California,” Paulhus said. “When you go down there, the presence of ADUs is both well-established and widely accepted. Still, there’s more need.”

2023 federal report shows that, according to a “point-in-time” census that counts the nation’s homeless population in a single night, there were over 180,000 people experiencing homelessness (both sheltered and unsheltered) in California. This number includes over 71,000 people in Los Angeles alone.

While successfully addressing the issue will require a holistic plan that targets the multiple factors contributing to homelessness, the housing shortage and high rents in the state are a great place to start. 

“For example, although housing costs are low in San Bernardino compared to the rest of the state, rents have increased significantly since 2020, possibly contributing to a significant rise in sheltered and unsheltered homelessness,” stated a report from the Public Policy Institute of California.

“The number of homeless people in our state is already shocking. Let’s not let that number increase any more,” Paulhus said. “ADUs can provide accessible housing with reasonable monthly payments or rent requirements, opening the door for the people who are otherwise unable to afford housing to get shelter and begin their journey toward home ownership.”

As Anchored Tiny Homes prepares for this expansion in Southern California, it is seeking franchise partners who are truly passionate about the mission. The brand offers a great financial opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to grow, but it will also be providing a much-needed service to members of the community.

“As much as we are excited about the business potential of these newly available territories, we’re just as interested in the good we’ll be able to do for fellow Californians,” Paulhus said. “It is imperative that our franchise partners see the whole vision and are excited to do the work. We have to do something to support the people of Southern California, and I’d love for Anchored Tiny Homes to be that solution.”

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