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Daily Challenge Podcast: Obsession Is GREATER Than Passion

Anchored Tiny Homes CEO Colton Paulhus explains how achieving the highest levels of success requires an all-consuming obsession with one’s goals, surpassing the drive provided by mere passion.

By Chris IrbyCopy Editor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 07/09/24

Colton Paulhus, co-founder and CEO of Anchored Tiny Homes, is a strong believer in the power of obsession over mere passion when it comes to achieving exceptional success in life. In a recent episode of his “Daily Challenge” podcast, he delves deeply into this concept and explains why obsession is essential for fulfilling one’s potential.

While passion is often celebrated and encouraged, Paulhus claims it falls short when compared to the unwavering dedication and focus that obsession entails. “Passion means nothing,” he said, “because what really matters is what you can get obsessed with.” And with this statement, he sets the tone for the argument that true greatness and fulfillment come from an all-consuming obsession with one’s goals and dreams.

Throughout his presentation, Paulhus draws parallels between ordinary success driven by passion and extraordinary achievement fueled by obsession. He points out that individuals who have reached the pinnacle of their fields — such as elite athletes like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, or visionary leaders like Steve Jobs — were not driven by a balanced approach but by an intense obsession.

“Balance is for people who don’t want to achieve at the very highest level,” Paulhus said.

Paulhus also invokes historical and cultural examples to emphasize the transformative power of obsession, highlighting figures like Jesus, who — in Paulhus’ view — exemplifies complete dedication to a higher purpose without compromise.

“Do you think Jesus had balance?” Paulhus asked. “No, Jesus was all in. He was literally, literally all in.”

Paulhus wraps up the podcast by urging his audience to shift their mindset from merely pursuing passions to cultivating an intense obsession with their goals. This transformation, he claims, is not easy and requires enduring hardships and sacrifices. However, this level of commitment is necessary for realizing one’s full potential and achieving extraordinary success in any area of life.

Watch the original podcast here.

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