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The Story Behind Anchored Tiny Homes

Realizing the potential behind the ADU market, as well as the difference it could make in the lives of many, Colton and his father created the growing franchise.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
12:12PM 05/09/24

Anchored Tiny Homes’ story began with a simple ad that caught the attention of Founder and CEO Colton Paulhus, sparking the idea of building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as a solution to the challenges faced by many families.

“I saw an ad on Facebook for a tiny home, and I went to my dad, who is a general contractor, and said, ‘Hey, do you think we can build tiny homes?’” Colton said. 

Colton’s father, Scott Paulhus is a veteran in the construction industry who has built everything from sheds to 10,000-square-foot houses. “I said, ‘Yeah, let’s build a tiny home,” Scott said, “and [Colton] put up an ad and got about 300 inquiries in three days.”

Together, the father-son duo designed and constructed their first tiny homes, meticulously going over every detail to create spaces that were both functional and comfortable. Within just a month, the first two ADUs were sold. This led Colton to quit his marketing job and fully commit to the tiny home business. And thus, Anchored Tiny Homes was born.

Recognizing the potential of franchising, Anchored Tiny Homes developed a system that allows individuals to become franchisees and join the movement of providing affordable housing. 

“It feels good providing jobs for people and then, on the flip side, providing franchise options to franchisees,” Colton said. “You're actually changing people's generational lines, you're changing their ability to earn income.”

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