Arby's 'Marrot' Spits in the Face of Plant-Based Proteins
Arby's 'Marrot' Spits in the Face of Plant-Based Proteins

Brace yourself: the franchise may even roll out a whole line of “megetables.”

While everyone else is going meatless, Arby’s is going full hog—or, in this case, full roasted-turkey-rolled-in-carrot-juice.

“People love meat already. What Americans have a harder time doing is enjoying vegetables,” Arby’s chief marketing officer, Jim Taylor, told Fast Company. “So we said, ‘If they can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?’ We’re going to introduce to the world a category we call ‘megetables’—we’ve applied for trademark. Our first vegetable is going to be the marrot.”

We’d be remiss not to go into detail here, so, in the interest of transparency: Seasoned, marinated turkey breast is rolled into the shape of a carrot, then cooked sous vide. The turkarrot is rolled in dehydrated carrot juice, oven-roasted, brûléed with maple sugar and, naturally, adorned with a sprig of parsley to complete the effect. 

The “meat snack” is currently in the test kitchen phase, but may be available as a future LTO depending on public response, notes Fast Company.

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