As My Son Turns 3, I Reflect on How Fast Life Has Gone
As My Son Turns 3, I Reflect on How Fast Life Has Gone

What does success truly look like?

I often think about the shortness of life and what will ultimately equal fulfillment. It could be money. It could be success. It could be a successful marriage. It could be being a gold star father. It could be a combination of all those things and many more.

What does success ultimately look like?

My reflections on success are often sparked by a milestone event. Birth, death, wins, losses – glasses half empty and half full. This time around, my reflections center on the last three years, as my son Jagger hit another birthday.

For Jagger, success comes in the simplest forms. Did he convince me to give him another glass of milk after his mom gave him one already? Did he manage to properly communicate that he made a stinky? Did he remember how to count from 1 to 30 in English and Spanish? At 3, life is way easy.

For me, as a parent, what has success looked like? Starting at the very top, it would probably be the championship-like team management my wife and I provide. Then the roof, the food, the support, the love and the respect that Jagger needs to take another step toward becoming a wonderful little boy.

In family, it seems success is easily defined. Happiness, health and love are all you need.

Jagger has done much more for me than he even knows – or can read. From a health standpoint, he has influenced me greatly to eliminate more junk and focus on longevity. When he was born, I gave up soda and bagels. When he turned 1, I gave up beer during the week. When he turned 2, I gave up bread. I am inspired to be successful as a family man by giving him the love he deserves for as long as I can give it to him.

Success, in my eyes, has changed.

Sure, I am still 100 percent motivated to create the greatest mid-sized agency that ever existed. But I am even more motivated to be the greatest father Jagger and Lennon (our 5-month old) could ever have. Success, I feel, is not about the money you have, the car you drive or the house you live in. It is the legacy you create in those who love you. And hopefully, when you die, you have many more people who got you and loved you than who didn’t.

No matter how many times we, as human beings, turn our heads away from death and the end, it is there. And before we know it, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years go by. If you can fill your days with predictable smiles, you have a shot at true success in love and happiness. And if you constantly try to do your best and do good by others, you will find those things.

Life is short. Find success in every minute of every day, as you are both the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be as you read this. Enjoy life.