Aspects Of Leadership – What People Say Are The Greatest Strengths As A Leader
Aspects Of Leadership – What People Say Are The Greatest Strengths As A Leader

Qualities like communication, care and patience top the list.

What aspects of leadership are most important? What are the greatest strengths as a leader? In this video you can hear the answers for yourself.

Communication. Caring. Empowerment. Patience.

These are a few of the aspects of leadership that are fundamental for a successful team. If your employees are happy, they will work better. So, create an atmosphere that allows them to feel at ease, to feel valued, to feel cared for. Make the workplace fun.

One of the greatest strengths as a leader is being a good communicator. This means being able to listen to your team and show that you value what they have to say. Communication is a key principle in leadership because a team that can’t communicate effectively cannot cooperate effectively. The way in which a leader communicates – their tone, their language – can either add to or detract from a team’s cohesion. 

A good leader also cares -- and they show that they care. As a leader, you can reward your staff, or simply give recognition when you see it. Small gestures can go a long way toward making the team feel valued. And by caring for your team, you are empowering them at the same time. These two aspects of leadership go hand in hand because the more an employee feels cared for the more they will feel empowered.

Above all, a good leader recognizes the reciprocity of their actions. They know that they have to respect their team to be respected, and that gaining the trust of their team relies on trusting their team. These are crucial aspects of leadership that are often forgotten in companies where the managers rely too heavily on their own power rather than striving to empower their team.

Carrie is a frequent keynote speaker on HR and leadership topics and regularly conducts employee training and leadership development workshops as well. She is the author of the recently published book, Restaurant Operator's HR Playbook: Your Hands-On Playbook for Finding, Hiring, and Developing Leaders and Implementing Organized People Systems and has been featured in EntrepreneurRestaurant NewsPizza Today and Independent Restaurateur.