Batteries Plus Bulbs Celebrates Franchisee Appreciation Day August 31
Batteries Plus Bulbs Celebrates Franchisee Appreciation Day August 31

The brand is giving back to the owners who make the franchise system as wonderful as it is.


Batteries Plus Bulbs does all it can to support franchisees all year round—and to prove it, the brand is celebrating National Franchisee Appreciation Day on August 31, 2019.

Batteries Plus Bulbs’ celebration is a more owner-focused version of the National Franchise Appreciation Day established in 2013 by the marketing company SociallyBuzz. 

“We changed the messaging a bit in order to take the opportunity to tell franchisees that it’s all about them—not just the franchise,” said Olivia Chiu, Franchise Marketing Manager of Batteries Plus Bulbs. “We wanted to say, ‘Hey, we realize that if you are successful, we are successful, so we want to take the time to thank you for all your hard work.”

The Batteries Plus Bulbs’ marketing team put together a video of various departments celebrating owners with heartfelt shoutouts. Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs, pops in to say: “Thank you for your passion for our customers!” Later, the Media Buyer Team chimes in: “Thank you for the great collaboration and trusting us with your advertising. We really enjoy the partnership!” The video will be sent out internally to franchisees on August 31.

This is Batteries Plus Bulbs’ first foray into the celebration—and the team looks forward to making it an annual tradition.

“We are excited to take advantage of the opportunity to show our franchisees how much we care,” said Jon Sica, Chief Strategy and Development Officer of Batteries Plus Bulbs. “We value the advantages a franchise network has over a traditional retail system, particularly the creation of a network of talented and dedicated owners. Our franchisees are entrepreneurs who are very invested in the business we all share. Because of them, we are able to deliver services to customers to the best of our whole system’s ability.”

Of course, the appreciation of franchisees doesn’t end August 31. The brand holds a systemwide convention every two years that acts as a destination event for all owners to network, receive business and strategy updates and get recognized for outstanding performance.

“Additionally, we host an annual sales achievement trip for top owners who are setting records with their retail and commercial sales,” said Sica. “We are also gearing up to hold our regional meetings in Las Vegas and Orlando in which we will roll out evolved strategies, give franchisees the chance to build relationships with fellow owners as well as speak with the leadership team face to face. We’re very excited about everything we are doing to continue our growth trajectory into 2020 and beyond.”

David Harsfield has been a franchisee with Batteries Plus Bulbs for nearly six years. He owns stores in Temecula and Palm Desert, California and knows firsthand what these evolving strategies mean for his business—and the importance of receiving ongoing support and genuine sentiments of appreciation from the franchisor.

“We are going through some challenging transitions operationally, including integrating new tools and strategies to help us stay ahead of the marketplace. But Batteries Plus Bulbs has a really good team leading the charge,” said Harsfield. “They communicate and listen well. After being in the corporate world for 25 years, I love being my own boss. Even though there are challenges in franchising, it’s a lot better than having to work through the challenges of a corporate environment that lacks transparency.”

The startup costs for a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise range from $189,250 to $366,350. The franchise fee is $37,500. To learn more about franchising with Batteries Plus Bulbs, visit https://batteriesplusfranchise.com/.


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