Be Like Famous Toastery: A Breakfast Brand Keeping Up in a Competitive Marketplace
Be Like Famous Toastery: A Breakfast Brand Keeping Up in a Competitive Marketplace

How a Restaurant Franchise Continues to Grow Through an Innovative Menu and Customer Experience

For decades, breakfast has been known to be the most important meal of the day. Americans got into the habit of scarfing down bowls of cereal and eggs, and sooner or later, breakfast became just as popular as lunch or dinner at both quick service and full service restaurants. Now, avocado toast and bottomless mimosa brunch seem to be the stars of food pictures on Instagram.

Earlier this year, the NPD Group, a food and consulting research firm, announced in a press release that out of the three meal times, only breakfast has seen a growth in traffic since 2016. Thousands of restauranteurs want a piece of that breakfast pie, but only a handful of franchise brands are doing the right things to attract these entrepreneurs.

North Carolina-based Famous Toastery is at the forefront of the booming breakfast restaurant industry, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. However, the brand’s success and position as an industry leader isn’t due to Instagram snapshots of fancy avocado toast – Famous Toastery has taken proactive, innovative steps to stand out in the crowd.

With an experience that retains 25 percent of guests weekly, Famous Toastery has created an extremely loyal customer base. From the friendliness of the servers and the “every server is your server” policy, each employee is trained to know exactly how to create regulars.

Beyond the dining experience at Famous Toastery, the brand stays ahead of menu trends and has found a way to appease every taste bud and diet. At its core, the menu is committed to fresh items – every dish is made in-house from fresh ingredients daily. Famous Toastery even flies in lobster to all of its locations to ensure that its high standards for excellence are upheld. But it doesn’t end there. Each menu item is intentionally introduced to stay on top of the latest food trends and appeal to the widest customer base possible.

Famous Toastery recently introduced gluten-free wraps to its menu, for example, and it consistently updates its drink menu, including a wine list and food pairing options for each guest. How many breakfast restaurants do you know with a wine and food pairing list? Even the decision to switch up its cocktail options was for a thoughtful reason – Famous Toastery is now serving Gold Star Vodka and donating $2 from every bottle sold to families who lost a loved one while serving in the U.S. armed forces or to veterans in need.

“We’re always on the lookout for ways that we can upgrade our menu. While there are fan favorite items that will always be a part of Famous Toastery’s DNA, there’s always room to take on a new trend and find a special way to fit it into our system,” said Robert Maynard, Famous Toastery’s founder and CEO. “All of the changes that we’ve implemented across our system over the past year have been met with positive feedback from our customers, so it’s clear that we’re doing something right. We plan to keep staying ahead of the game in order to keep growing in new and existing communities across the country.”

Now that breakfast has become such a hot market, there’s no better time to let your morning menu ideas run a little wild. Famous Toastery is a prime example of pushing the boundaries, and it’s planning to continue evolving alongside the better breakfast industry.