The Top Five Reasons to Become a Best in Class Education Center Franchisee
The Top Five Reasons to Become a Best in Class Education Center Franchisee

From its position as an innovator and industry leader to its unique understanding of the support that franchisees need to be successful, Best in Class offers its local owners a long list of competitive advantages.

Growth for brands operating in the franchising industry is often dependent on whether or not their specific segment is in demand. Between an ever-changing economy and different trends that come and go, it can be difficult to determine which concepts are positioned for long-term, recession resistant success. However, there are some segments that are consistently in demand among consumers and aspiring business owners alike. One of those is education.

As education continues to be of the utmost importance for families across the country, franchising brands are consistently evolving. However, there’s one concept that stands out from the rest: Best in Class Education Center.  The Seattle, Washington-based, leading education enrichment franchise has been raising the bar when it comes to providing the best possible tutoring and academic support services in the industry for nearly 30 years. And with its 50th location set to officially open its doors for business in the coming weeks, it’s clear that Best in Class is building on strong momentum.

There’s no shortage of competitive advantages that come with launching a Best in Class franchise. However, these are the top five reasons that consistently stand out as the main reasons aspiring business owners sign on to grow alongside the brand.

1. Create a Difference and a Lasting Impact in Your Local Community

At its core, Best in Class provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a one of a kind business ownership opportunity. However, the brand’s model goes far beyond that of a traditional business. Not only do Best in Class franchisees have the chance to earn a living while doing something that they’re passionate about, but they also have the ability to make a difference in the community that they call home.

Because Best in Class is backed by an unwavering mission to help students succeed both in and out of the classroom, the brand’s franchisees are able to inspire, motivate, and help the next generation of children in their neighborhoods realize their full potential.

“By helping students achieve their goals, our franchisees are able to make a real difference in their local communities. The power of a good education is something that can’t be ignored,” said Sharon Peterson, Best in Class’ director of franchise sales. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see a student raise their grades and be excited to learn something new, and that type of experience can’t be found anywhere else.”  

2. Best in Class Enables its Franchisees to Stay Ahead of the Latest Industry Trends

The education industry is constantly evolving, which potentially makes it difficult for business owners to keep up with the latest trends. However, by being a part of the Best in Class system, franchisees aren’t responsible for tracking those changes on their own. The brand is constantly looking for ways to innovate, and is committed to adding new programs to its system in order to ensure that its local owners are offering the latest services before the competition.

“What makes Best in Class stand out from the competition is really two-fold. First and foremost, it offers affordable tuition that’s designed to give more students access to the tutoring assistance that they need. It’s rare to find an education brand that takes the financial burden placed upon families into account,” said franchisee Hong Ma. “Second, Best in Class has adopted dual models of improvement. Internally, the brand is constantly and steadily revising and adding to its programs to ensure that it’s ahead of the curve. Externally, on the other hand, it’s expanding its services in order to offer programs that are most beneficial for school age programs, including the new SAT/ACT prep courses and partnership with Chess4Life.”

3. Opportunities for Growth Are Available Across the Country

Because Best in Class is still ramping up development efforts in key communities across the country, there are top tier markets that are open for franchisees to take over. While other education concepts have sold out certain cities, Best in Class doesn’t oversaturate markets. The brand is also actively looking for local owners to develop the brand in key regions. And when franchisees sign on to become a part of the brand’s system, they gain access to a flexible and proven business model that has already been successful in a wide variety of communities.

4. Best in Class Understands the Support its Local Owners Need

When members of Best in Class’ corporate team offer its franchisees support or advice surrounding the latest trends in education or general business operations, they’re not making an educated guess. With 10 corporate locations currently open for business, the brand has a true understanding of what goes into making one of its centers successful.

“We are our largest franchisee. With ten corporate locations, we can test new programs and models for success before introducing anything to our franchisees,” said Peterson. “Maintaining corporate centers also allows the franchise team to stay connected with students and parents to learn about shifts in their concerns and demands so that we can adapt quickly. Our team is committed to making sure that our franchisees are equipped with top quality materials and systems so that they’re positioned for continued success.”

5. Demand for the Brand’s Services is Continuing to Climb

As Best in Class continues to expand and distinguish itself as the leading education brand in the franchising industry, both consumers and business owners will inquire about becoming a part of its system. Between the brand’s innovative approach to staying ahead of the competition and its commitment to providing only the best possible services for its local owners, communities, and clients, demand for Best in Class’ services is only expected to increase.

“The Best in Class proprietary curriculum incorporates both foundation-building activities as well as critical thinking exercises that train students’ applied thinking. We’re able to keep up with the constantly changing educational landscape and update our materials so that they are going to be relevant to our students,” said Peterson. “That ability to think ahead and take our students’ needs into consideration—along with those of our franchisees—will continue to propel the Best in Class brand forward in the months and years ahead.”