Noel Serrano Secures Financing for MaidPro with Help of BoeFly
Noel Serrano Secures Financing for MaidPro with Help of BoeFly

BoeFly has helped Noel Serrano launch his first business.

For Noel Serrano, everything has a way of connecting over time.

During the past 27 years, Noel Serrano worked to deliver paraprofessional services throughout New York. Throughout his tenure in the health care industry, he learned how to manage fellow employees in an effective way. He learned how to embrace a team atmosphere despite the independent tasking of services. He also learned how to motivate employees to keep them passionate about the work they were doing every single day.

After Serrano made the decision to change course and embark on a different career path, those same lessons stayed with him. He wanted a career where he could draw from both his formal business training and his social stratification studies; and he wanted his past experience to run in tandem with his future endeavors. He found that opportunity in MaidPro.

“I discovered some intriguing parallels in the health care industry and the residential cleaning business. At MaidPro in particular, I was enticed by the opportunity to become my own boss; by the idea that you can take control of your work, your finances and your life. And I was fortunate to have learned so much from my years within the medical industry that I knew such a transition would be seamless,” Serrano said.

Founded by Mark Kushinsky in 1991, this Boston-born brand set out with one goal in mind: to clean up North America. Rooted in visions of sparkling kitchens, polished furniture, shiny hardwood floors and freshly vacuumed carpets, they believe that every customer deserves a personalized cleaning by quality, trained professionals. Today, MaidPro has quickly grown to more than 150 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Before deciding to become an owner, Serrano conducted exhaustive research, including a review of the industry, MaidPro, and its competitors. He also took the time to meet with all senior managers and leaders in the MaidPro system, and in doing so he discovered that their team is not only committed to making sure the brand is at the top of its game, but that they operate with a genuine desire to serve their clients. This experience made his decision to invest in a MaidPro franchise an easy one, and Serrano was ready to take the next step: securing funding to get his new business up and running.

“The home cleaning industry has so much to offer. You’re getting steady, recurring revenue, and MaidPro delivers a product that is basically always in demand—it’s nearly recession-proof,” Serrano said. “But in particular, the MaidPro system is one that works incredibly well. After my research, I found that their franchise system was the perfect fit for my management style. But after that was all said and done, I realized I needed some guidance in financing my decision.”

Serrano turned to BoeFly, a lending solution that works with both established and first-time business owners, and he was quickly introduced to a lender interested in helping him finance the opening of his first location. With more than 5,000 qualified lenders in their network, BoeFly has solidified itself as an integral component of helping business owners lock down the funding they need for their new ventures quickly and efficiently.

“The old process of going to a bank to look for financing is becoming more and more obsolete and increasingly inefficient. Navigating your financing options doesn’t have to be tedious, which is why it’s encouraging to see new businesses taking advantage of the tools we offer to make their openings quick and more efficient,” said Mike Rozman, CEO of BoeFly. “Our team is proud to help franchisees and franchisors alike make their business dreams a reality.”

With the help of BoeFly, Serrano is another MaidPro success story. By January 2016, he officially closed the deal to open his first MaidPro location in Valhalla, New York.

"BoeFly and their bQual tool have proven to be effective in educating franchisees upfront about their finaceability. We were able to have very substantive and serious conversations with Noel Serrano from the very beginning because both Noel and MaidPro knew he was a great financial candidate thanks to bQual. BoeFly gives us the ability to foster strong, transparent, and supportive relationships with our franchisees right from the get-go,” said Chuck Lynch, Vice President, Planning & Development at MaidPro Franchise Corporation.

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