How The Brass Tap’s Unique Value Proposition is Setting Multi-Unit Owners Up for Success
How The Brass Tap’s Unique Value Proposition is Setting Multi-Unit Owners Up for Success

Rapidly growing craft beer franchise using strategic growth plan to boost expansion opportunities for driven franchisees

Most prospective franchisees have a vision in mind for growth before signing an agreement, and those who are most successful are usually multi-unit minded from the start. To achieve that goal, it is critical for the franchisee to find a franchise opportunity primed to support their unique market driven growth goals. Equally important, but sometimes overlooked, is the fact that franchisors benefit too when they partner in multi-unit success because they foster stronger loyalty to the brand, boost positive validation and, ultimately, attract stronger candidates that help the brand achieve its full potential.

It’s the reason why some franchisors offer special incentives for those looking to become multi-unit operators. But, none offer the comparable level of support and incentives that The Brass Tap franchise does. The craft beer concept’s proven, streamlined simple business model sets franchisees up for multi-unit growth potential, and the brand’s franchise development team has the experience to make rapid growth a reality.

“We provide unparalleled support to franchisees that helps to create the possibility for multi-unit success in each and every market we serve,” said Jean Baudrand, Chief Development Officer for The Brass Tap. “That starts with the operations model we employ. The Brass Tap is far easier to operate than a restaurant, and it’s a lot more fun as well, because it’s far more than just a bar. It's a local, neighborhood entertainment destination that inspires a unique sense of customer loyalty. That helps franchisees to succeed more rapidly and, ultimately, to add new units more rapidly as well.”

The Brass Tap provides unique financial incentives to help franchisees grow even quicker, including aggressive incentives to franchisees who sign an Area Development Agreement to open multiple units. Those agreements include reduced franchise fees for multiple units and a full waiving of the franchise fee for a franchisee’s fifth opened unit.

The Brass Tap also presents a unique investment opportunity. Gross sales from the average adjusted top quartile of franchisees operating The Brass Tap’s 2.0 model design topped $1.5 million per location in 2016.  With an operations model built on nearly a decade of experience in the segment and a seasoned team of franchise veterans offering comprehensive support, multi-unit operators are given an environment where they can thrive. The Brass Tap also leads one of the fastest growing segments in franchising thanks to a U.S. craft beer market that grew by 6.2 percent in 2016 alone.

“We have one of the most competitive concepts in this rapidly growing industry and a brand that has become a neighborhood staple in each of the communities we serve,” said Baudrand. “We have also created a concept that is tailor-made for quick expansion through an easy to follow model. We are searching for growth-minded, multi-unit operators to partner with as we continue to expand into new markets nationwide.”

Multi-unit franchisees have the opportunity to prosper with a brand that supports a vision for growth. For franchising information, please visit http://thebrasstapfranchise.com/.

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