Buffalo Wings & Rings Introduces New Spring Limited Time Offers
Buffalo Wings & Rings Introduces New Spring Limited Time Offers

The brand is developing limited time specials and promotions to drive profitability at the unit level for franchisees

By combining new flavors with familiar menu items, Buffalo Wings & Rings has made its mark as a leader of the casual dining experience. Chef Elliot Jablonsky, research and development chef for Buffalo Wings & Rings and a veteran of the restaurant industry, is helping to bring new, bold flavors to the forefront for consumers, while driving profitability for the brand’s franchisees at the unit level.
For example, this spring Buffalo Wings & Rings is pairing its award winning chicken wings and onion rings in three distinct combinations. The Santa Fe Scuffle features jalapeno garlic medium wings and southwest onion rings with queso dipping sauce and salsa. For those looking for a little more heat, the brand will offer the Royal Ruckus—buffalo hot wings, curried onion rings and a scallion cream dipping sauce to help keep things cool. And the final limited time offer (LTO) is the Zing of the Ring—a citrus and spice smackdown of lemon-pepper wings with Sriracha-infused onion rings and ranch dipping sauce. Jablonsky said the goal of these LTOs is to give consumers a couple of new options to try, while sticking to the brand’s core value of providing bold flavors.

“Because of the nature of wings, the expectation is that they will just offer heat. We want to change that notion as our menu is packed with fresh ingredients and inspirational flavors,” Jablonsky said. “The wings and rings LTOs all have flavors that have a spice and give you a kick.”

Buffalo Wings & Rings has become known for providing an eclectic blend of sauces and spices with fresh, never frozen menu items. Consumers can pick a number of flavors for their wings including sweet BBQ, peach habanero and roasted garlic. This commitment to menu innovation and quality service has helped the brand emerge as a leader of the club-level sports restaurant experience.

With 65 units open in both the U.S. and internationally, Buffalo Wings & Rings is looking to develop new territories with hungry entrepreneurs.

Franchising with Buffalo Wings & Rings offers potential investors a unique opportunity as they get to be their own boss and be a part of a growing industry. The brand provides their franchisees with best-in-class training, marketing and a corporate support system that is available at a moment’s notice to help. Estimated initial investments range from $970,000 to $1.5 million.

Jablonsky said LTOs are a great way for franchisees to increase their revenue streams and a way for the brand to try new things.

“We are trying to let people know that we have some delicious core items on our menu, but that we also like trying new things and experimenting with flavors,” Jablonsky said. “These new ring and wing pairings are not only great for consumers, but they are a great way for franchisees to diversify their revenue streams.”

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