Burger King Makes Fun of AI Fears With Ad Campaign
Burger King Makes Fun of AI Fears With Ad Campaign

The campaign pokes fun at the idea of artificial intelligence taking on creative copywriting.

Burger King recently dropped a humorous television advertising campaign with an intro that claims the copywriting was done by artificial intelligence. According to a recent article in Adweek, the ads are a way for the brand to poke fun at the idea of AI creating content. They feature voiceovers with nonsense lines such as, “Bed of lettuce for you to sleep on, bed of mayonnaise for extra sleep.”

“AI, bots, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, blockchain, among others—these are all topical as we explore our future in marketing. But we need to avoid getting lost in the sea of technology innovation and buzzwords and forget what really matters. And that’s the idea. Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for a great creative idea coming from a real person,” said Marcelo Pascoa, global head of marketing.

The ads were developed by the David Miami agency team.

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Photo Courtesy of @MediaPost on Twitter