Burger King Targets Starbucks With New $5-Per-Month Coffee Subscription Service
Burger King Targets Starbucks With New $5-Per-Month Coffee Subscription Service

The chain’s flat-rate model guarantees a daily cup and is putting a whole new segment of competitors on notice.

Burger King has decided to take on an entirely new segment of competitors with the national rollout of a new coffee subscription service called BK Café for just $5 per month.

The burger chain’s value proposition is clear: “Enjoy BK Café for a month for the price of a large cappuccino from Starbucks,” a new ad for service reads.

In what Burger King calls “a departure from expected coffee service,” customers can subscribe to the service exclusively through the BK app, which users simply have to open to redeem their small cup of coffee every day.

According to a recent AdAge article, the promo only applies to regular hot coffee and isn’t accessible with delivery orders. A play in the customer loyalty department, the subscription service represents yet another tactic QSR brands are employing to combat decreasing foot traffic. The flat-rate model Burger King is employing, however, is unique for a major brand and shows the increased prioritization of generating repeat business, the article noted.

BK Café (and the marketing of it) is the latest example in a series of bold promotions for Burger King that openly challenge other big-name brands. Most recently, the brand offered one-cent Whoppers to customers who placed an order via its app within close proximity to a McDonald’s location.

“We're a fundamentally brand-led company, and we've demonstrated this through impactful, edgy marketing campaigns including the Nightmare King, the Whopper Detour, and most recently, our Eat Like Andy ad during the Super Bowl,” José Cil, CEO of Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International said on a recent earnings call, according to QSR Magazine.

This latest promotion putting Starbucks on blast falls right in line, then.

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